Where is the best place to install a mirror in the house? Relay Mirror

Mirror in the houseThe mirror in the house has always been shrouded in a kind of magical veil, mysterious power, mysticism, and this is not for nothing. From the point of view of modern esotericists, the mirror is a powerful energy repeater. Every day it absorbs the energy of everything that is reflected in it, and then returns it back.
That’s why, when you look in the mirror, you need to put aside all the bad thoughts, and your mood should be very good. And even more so in front of the mirror, you can not arrange quarrels with the household.

When you look at yourself in a mirror image, you just have to say compliments about yourself, about how good and wonderful you are, smart and talented, brave and fair, kind and beautiful.

After all, everything that “sees” and absorbs the mirror in the house, as a result, is multiplied many times. Therefore, the mirror, in addition to absorbing your happy face, should also reflect your wealth, the beauty of the house, the chic decoration, and not empty bare walls. So try to hang the mirror in such places.

Large mirrors should not be installed in the bedroom, especially in front of the wedding bed. Doubling a married couple can lead to unpleasant consequences in the form of infidelity. Also, you can not install a mirror in front of the entrance and windows. This will contribute to the leakage of positive energy, which is quite capable of taking well-being and success with it.

In order for your mirror repeater to work without interference, it is necessary to keep it clean at all times. Do not be lazy to wipe its surface daily. A dirty mirror can distort positive energy, eroding its power.

Also, the mirror should not distort the space of your home. Therefore, if it is cracked, it is necessary to replace it urgently. For the same reason, remove curved mirrors. And even more so, it should be done as quickly as possible if the mirror is broken.

Mirror in the house

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