Who are these people? What are we doing on planet Earth?

The people, the living beings, endowed with reason. This simple definition of human beings does not answer the question of what is the meaning of their existence on the planet. With every decade, there are more and more people on Earth. Cities grow, encasing the earth in an asphalt shell.
Forests are destroyed, turning into objects necessary for the convenience of human existence. The earth’s bowels are being emptied, replenishing the energy resources of humanity. The planet’s ecosystem is deteriorating. Many things still deteriorate as a result of the life of a reasonable person.

People are like harmful bacteria spreading around the planet, making it unusable, polluting the environment. But this is on a global scale. Almost every person individually considers himself good and useful. He is born, grows, learns, gets a profession, works tirelessly and dies. For the most part, we are kind and life-loving, creative and creative… but only individually. And humanity as a whole? Who are these people? What are human beings?

Humans are an unintelligent species

Overpopulation of the planet

We truly believe that we are the most intelligent species on the planet. But the truth is that people are worse than all other earthly creatures, stupid creatures without words. If someone looked at us from the outside, they would think that people are created only to destroy everything. But by and large, this planet doesn’t even belong to us. It is the home of other living things-animals and plants that live in harmony with the planet. People invaded their home, destroying and destroying everything in their path. We are the only species on Earth that attacks, destroys, and pollutes the world for its own convenience, not for its own survival.

Planet Earth is gradually dying under the onslaught of humanity. We kill her savagely, without thinking about the consequences. But the Earth, like any living thing on it, craves love. And even though it is getting weaker every day, it still continues to give us the best. The earth continues to patiently remain hospitable to the human species, despite all the outrages it creates. Is it given to us to understand this?

People and planet Earth

We can talk, think, and create. We are able to create beauty. Why do we continue to kill and destroy instead? People-open your eyes! You’re dying, too, along with our planet – the only one in the solar system that can be lived on. There are several billion of us. We are the dominant race. We can do many things, but we can’t melt our hearts by violently destroying the world around us and our own kind. Hard-heartedness is our lot. Hard-heartedness will destroy this world.

When humans cease to exist and some other species finds our planet, they will see that it was once inhabited by bloodthirsty savages. Yes. Despite the development of technology, we are still savages who have replaced batons with hypersonic weapons.

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