How to use a conspiracy to protect a garden plot from thieves

Protect the garden plot from thievesWith the help of a conspiracy, you can punish and ward off garden thieves. There are situations when the owner of a garden plot begins to suffer from the raids of such thieves. These, to put it mildly, freeloaders, sometimes like to eat other people’s berries, vegetables and fruits. High fences are not a hindrance to thieves.
They can either arrange a hole in the fence, or make a digger, or just climb over the top. The owners sleep at night, but the thieves don’t. So sometimes summer residents suffer from the shameless destruction of their own beds and fruit trees. And after all, sometimes they will not so much steal, as spoil and, trampling the beds and crumpling the plants.

How to ward off thieves with a conspiracy

There is one popular way that our ancestors have long used against garden thieves. This is a magical rite. For its implementation, the following preliminary preparations must be made.

Take short skis or snowshoes and drive seven nails into each of them so that they form a cross. You should get some earthworks with nails outwards in the form of a cross. Periodically go around your garden plot in these digs, pronouncing the following plot:

“I go, servant of God (name), from my doorstep through my land. The Lord God helps me. I baptize the earth with every step, I will forbid the robbers to enter. Whoever sets foot on my trail will get as much trouble as the torment in hell. Don’t go to the thief where I go!»

And rest assured, after some time, the theft will stop. And the thieves will get what they deserve. There have been cases when a garden thief, after he visits a charmed plot, began to suffer unbearably from his feet, so that he could not step on them. It’s like nails digging into your heels with every step. And these cases are quite real.

Protect the garden plot from thieves

Folk magic only at first glance seems to be something archaic and fantastic in our modern digital world. As some skeptics say: “For the naive and uneducated simpletons.” But in fact, this is folk wisdom accumulated over many generations. And effective wisdom.

Everything in our lives is interconnected at the energy and molecular level. And a certain set of words and ritual actions is also a type of energy that can influence the physical perception of reality.

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