What people’s signs are there to Save?

Apple SavedIn August, there are three holidays – three spas: Honey, Apple and Nut. The name “Saviour” comes from the word “Saviour”, the Son of God. People very much honor these holidays and therefore attach great importance to signs and customs on these days to stock up on health and well-being.

Honey Saved

The first spas is celebrated on August 14 and is called “Honey”, or “Makovei”. From this moment, beekeepers start collecting honey. It is on this day that everyone should definitely taste this amazing delicacy.

Honey, which was consecrated in the Church, is saturated with a special healing power. It is believed that even a seriously ill person can recover if he eats at least one spoonful of consecrated honey.
For the first spoonful of consecrated honey, you need to make your most cherished wish, and it will definitely come true.
During the honeymoon Period, you need to help widows and orphans, as well as give alms or help other people around the house. In this way, you will attract happiness and prosperity to your home. Our ancestors believed that if someone cuts wood for a single woman for free on a Honeymoon, they will never know grief and starve.
At this time, the sowing of winter crops begins. If you sow the field earlier, it is not worth waiting for a good harvest.
On Macovei, they collect poppies, which will not only give a unique flavor to baking, but also give it healing properties.
In honey spas in any case, you can not swim in open reservoirs, so as not to wash away your luck.
On this day, a woman who tastes honey will be forgiven any sin if she then makes a request to her guardian angel. But if she does not forgive herself, then the angel will not be able to help in this case.
On Makovei, water from the well acquires healing properties and becomes Holy. It is collected in containers and stored in the same way as Epiphany water.

Apple Saved

On Apple Spas, which begins on August 19, apples are brought to the Church to be consecrated. These apples are used for ceremonies.

What the weather will be on August 19 – this will be the Cover (October 14).
The second Saved – keep your mittens in reserve. Summer is coming to an end, the weather is beginning to change and it is getting colder.
They say that January will resemble the day of the Second Saviour. This does not mean that the winter will suddenly start the August heat. This sign should be understood as follows: if August 19 is very warm, then in January there will be little snow, and if it rains, then snow will fall in excess.

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