The acquisition of harmony by a conspiracy. Conspiracy magic for weight loss

the acquisition of harmonyA good person should be a lot – this interpretation suits not all people and many “crumpets” dream of getting rid of extra pounds and want to lose weight, finding a slim figure. There are many ways and recommendations for losing weight and getting slim. This includes various types of diets and medical fasting, and a variety of complex fitness exercises, and just advice to give the body more often increased physical activity.

Health professionals, nutritionists, doctors, and assorted “gurus” have different attitudes to all these methods of getting rid of excess weight: one is scolded, the other is praised to the skies, and then Vice versa. How to understand all these lessons of weight loss and adopt the most suitable method for your body? No way… Any method can be both good and evil for you… and until you try it, you will not know for yourself whether it is suitable for you.

The so-called “folk magic” also has its own methods of losing weight and gaining slimness, which we will discuss below. Follow them or not-decide for yourself. Without experience, there is no result.

Acquiring slimness with the help of spells

Before resorting directly to the most conspiracy magic, you must first completely rebuild your diet. For if you devour cooking cakes by the kilos, gut the refrigerator at night, and gluttony in General is your favorite hobby, then no magic or other, more familiar ways of losing weight will definitely help you.

Try to reduce your entire diet to steamed dishes, stewed or baked in the oven. Exclude from the menu boiled and fried (at least for the time of the “session” of weight loss). Remove butter from your diet, too.

Each method of cooking has its own plot. If you are steaming vegetables, meat, or fruit, then load them into the steamer and say the following:

“You are full of vitamins and attractive to look at. And I am the same – slim, beautiful, strong and healthy. Amen».

When cooking a dish on the stove, make sure that it is simmering and does not boil in any case. And just as loading the products into the pan, repeat the plot:

“The food is rich and healthy, sweet and delicious. I eat and do not get fat, but only get slimmer. Amen».

If you are going to bake fish in the oven or meat, do not forget to ask:

“Be generous and condescending. Bring benefits, drink, and get rid of excess weight. Amen».

Among other things, dense breakfasts can be replaced with phytomusles or oatmeal infused with boiling water with the addition of walnuts. Before you eat the first spoonful, pronounce the spell:

“I eat and don’t get fat, but I gain strength. A light Breakfast, and a snack will not force. I thank him and enjoy it. Amen.”

Finally, at night you can drink a glass of kefir by saying the following words:

“The day passed, I lost weight again. My business is right. Amen»

If you follow this recipe for weight loss, then in just a month you will get rid of an extra 20-30 kilograms. One last thing. Don’t underestimate the power of conspiracies. After all, it has long been known that the word is an energy program. And correctly composed words act on the body no worse than the chemical compounds of drugs. Good luck and good health!

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