How do I make sure that the damage and the evil eye pass us by?

damage and the evil eyeTrying to maintain the purity of the body and spirit, we often do not even suspect that there is still energy dirt that sticks to us completely imperceptibly, since it can not be measured by the senses or precise instruments. But if we don’t see this garbage, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. How can you cope with extraneous energy interference that pollutes our biofield? About what is damage and the evil eye and will be discussed further.

What does science put into the popular concepts of “damage” and “evil eye”?

The so-called damage and evil eye – are damage to the human biofield, which modern medicine can not yet cope with (and hardly wants to). When the energy centers of our body (chakras) are subjected to any kind of oppression, then the organs that feed through them with energy begin to fail. Such a problem should be treated by a magician-bioenergotherapist, who will be able to adjust everything and nourish your energy, as well as reprogram your destiny for the better.

Can the person himself determine the presence of damage?

Of course, it is possible to determine whether you have been subjected to damage or the evil eye. One of the external manifestations of the “software failure” of your energy system is a failure streak. If it has become chronic – you should think about whether it is time to correct your energy field and clean it from dirt.

Also, you may feel increased fatigue, you may begin to have nervous breakdowns on absolutely “even ground”, there will be depression, conflicts with others will become more frequent and in General it will seem that this life is not worth a damn…

What is the difference between damage and the evil eye, and what are their consequences?

The evil eye is an involuntary damage to your energy structure and can happen by itself. Damage is a deliberate act of a malicious person, which itself is unlikely to pass, but rather on the contrary will begin to grow gradually, dragging you deeper into the web of problems with the risk of serious diseases.

How dangerous is the spell?

Any spell is essentially a normal damage, because it damages several chakras at once and disrupts all human connections with other people and the world. Such damage must be removed necessarily even without the participation of the object itself otherwise its life may go downhill.

If a person has no enemies, then where do the damage and the evil eye come from?

Under the influence of damage or the evil eye, you can get completely accidentally. For example, diseases are often “dumped” at the entrance to a Church,” accidentally ” hitting you, or on an object thrown in any place and accidentally found by you. Let’s say you find someone’s lost money, pick it up and immediately get an energy breakdown.

There are also so-called “black magicians” who simply transfer the disease from their client to any other person or “to the wind” – who will fly.

How can you protect yourself from the evil eye and damage?

There are charms, amulets, talismans that are designed to protect and deflect an energy shock. From time immemorial, they were used by our ancestors and I must say – very successfully. But it is still better to look at a bioenergetic specialist from time to time-as for a medical examination.

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