Cleaning the room from accumulated negative energy

Очищение помещения от негативаIf you feel that your house has accumulated negative energy, which is manifested by scandals among the household, frequent breakdowns of household appliances, the neighbors will flood you, the husband on the horns of midnight will show up, the son is kicked out of school, the daughter will invite a kleptomaniac to visit, and so on and so on, then it’s time
perform a ritual to clean the room, which will help you get rid of the negative that has been concentrated in the home.

Cleaning the room with a rite

Before performing a magic rite, the apartment must be thoroughly cleaned physically. Start with basic wet cleaning. Wipe the dust and wash the floor with a minimum wringing cloth-if of course your floor covering allows it.

Then you need to slowly walk around the room with a lighted candle, without missing a single corner. Candle need not be of the Church can be used for this purpose and ordinary household candle. Also, instead of a candle or together with it, you can use incense.

The next stage of purification will be spraying the room or apartment with Holy water. Water should be sprayed with the palm of your hand, without using any devices for this purpose. When spraying, use the following words:

“In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy spirit”

The final ritual is the use of aromatic oils. If you do not have a special lamp for this, you can drip oil in a saucer and put it for flavoring in each room.

This should help normalize your home atmosphere and get rid of negative energy.

How to subdue plumber spirits

In addition, you can hold another small ceremony when household appliances start to break too often: the faucet will break in the kitchen, the toilet will leak or the bath. Old people say it’s the plumbing spirits who got mad. Although in other versions-naughty offended by something brownie. But, one way or another, you need to appease the alternative entity that lives in the house next to you.

If of course your plumbing equipment is quite old, then naturally, among other things, you need to gradually change it.

Poltergeist loves cleanliness, so do not be lazy every day to clean the toilet-sinks. Also on means for cleaning plumbing recite each time before cleaning, the following plot:

“As a red maiden before dawn does not get up lazy, water drags, cleans the house, so I, the servant of God (name), hard-working and busy. I’ll appease the spirits to live dry. Amen.”

This will certainly give you a temporary respite, but it is still worth looking at the plumbing and, if it has already worked out its resource – change it.

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