How confident are you in yourself? Psychological confidence test

Self-confidence testA confident person can be seen from afar. He goes towards the world with a determined step, with a smile and a proudly raised head. It’s easy to see that you are confident in yourself. And Vice versa, every little thing gives away an insecure person. Timid glancing around, biting his lip, checking the time every few minutes. If you find it difficult to evaluate yourself from the outside and understand how this applies
please take a psychological test. It will tell you whether you should worry about self-confidence.

Psychological test: are you sure of yourself?

You were given a present for no reason. Your reaction?

A. I will ask you Several times if this gift is exactly for me. Suddenly an error occurred.

B. I will thank you with a smile. How beautiful!

I will Take the gift, but with the feeling that I now owe something to the person.

Can you post your own photo in a swimsuit on social networks?

A. No! My body isn’t perfect enough to show off.

B. Yes, I have many such pictures. Everyone is delighted with them!

Q. I can, but only if the swimsuit and angle are good.

You are in an unfamiliar company. How will you behave?

I’ll Stand aside and wait for someone to come up to me.

B. I’ll start getting to know people.

I Look around for a familiar face. And all of a sudden?

Select the statement that fits you the most.

A. “Most people are noticeably more successful than me”

B. ” there are no people in my environment who are more successful than I am.”

Q. “I wish I could be more successful!”

The food ordered at the restaurant was not good. Your reaction:

A. I Won’t Say Anything. People tried to…

I’ll Call the waiter and tell him about it. Maybe they’ll give you a free dessert?

I Just won’t go to that restaurant again.

How do you respond to criticism?

A. I’m very worried. Always.

B. fell on deaf ears. There will always be people who don’t like me.

Q. If the criticism is constructive, I wonder what I can change about myself.

How do you usually feel when you go to expensive stores?

A. it’s like the sales people are looking at me and thinking: “What’s she doing here?”

B. with self-respect. Even if I don’t buy anything, I have the right to see everything.

Q. I feel a little awkward, but I try to get over it.

The man with whom you have a short affair declares that he wants to break up. You:

A. I cry into my pillow at Night. I always find breaks hard to bear.

I’ll Let him go. How many more of these will I have!

Q. I will Have an unpleasant feeling that I was being used.

How do you usually respond to compliments?

A. ” Oh, come on, I usually look like nothing special.”

B. ” Thank you more, I think so too!”

Q :” I am very pleased that you have noticed. I didn’t expect it.”

You were offered a more serious and responsible job. You:

A. Refuse. It’s better to do what you’re used to.

B. of Course, I agree! I like to conquer new heights.

Q. I’ll get some support First. It will be hard without her.

Summing up: the test of confidence

Most A. you have uncertainty in everything-in your movements, in your presentation, in your speech, in your actions. You find it difficult to communicate with people because you constantly feel like you are a step below them. These people can have problems both at work and in their personal life. They run the risk of finding an unsuccessful partner with whom they will suffer instead of having fun. Such people clearly need any tools to raise their self-esteem. This can be master classes, lectures, books, individual work with a psychologist.

Most of the time, you can’t be too sure of yourself. You belong to the category of people who go through life resolutely, with their heads held high. This is because they are confident and believe in themselves more than anyone else. Such people attract the attention of others. You want to follow them, find out their secret. However, their close environment can be difficult. Because confident people are usually leaders by nature. If all of the above is your case, think about sometimes losing your own positions and being a little more vulnerable in some issues.

Most In. You are on your way to becoming a more confident person. Many things still frighten you: you avoid unfamiliar companies and uncomfortable situations. But at the same time, you try to agree with yourself and improve yourself. The most important thing for you is to constantly keep in mind the image of the person you ultimately want to become. You can write out a list of advantages of those who are confident in their own abilities on a piece of paper. You will also have them if you continue to move forward.

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