Five main types of energy vampires. How to identify a vampire

Signs of energy vampiresThere may be people around a person who literally feed on their energy. How do I recognize them? If after communicating with some friends, acquaintances and colleagues, you feel empty, squeezed out like a lemon, you begin to have a headache, your mood deteriorates,
there is a drowsiness, most likely, in your environment one of the energy vampires got started. It is he who draws the life force out of you. This person will do everything to experience negative emotions, so he gets pleasure and is fueled by energy.

Types of energy vampires

There are several types of energy vampires. It is extremely important to stay away from them (unless of course they are your close people — in this case, you will have to talk to them about this topic and convince them to control their actions, emotions and actions).


This type of energy vampire always has the only correct opinion on any issue. He often has senior positions. When one of the colleagues dares to argue with him, he deprives the daredevil of the bonus, orders that he add overtime work. In other words, it lets a person know who the boss is.

The same way such people behave with their relatives and friends. At home, both the husband (wife) and children walk on a string, because if the “controller” is dissatisfied, everyone will lose.


A whiner does not know how to enjoy life and sees only the bad in everything. Let’s say you invited him to dinner at a fancy restaurant. The whiner will start to dissuade you with similar phrases: “We will probably get stuck in traffic, we will have to look for a long time for Parking, the restaurant will be crowded and we will have to wait for an order for two hours, and it is cold outside, so why go anywhere at all?» If you still do not give up, you will be waiting for the most boring evening of your life.

The whiner will complain, seek your sympathy and support, and all reasonable arguments that you give will be refuted by words: “You don’t understand me! So maybe it’s better not to try to understand him.


Narcissus is usually quite a beautiful person. He knows this and requires constant attention from others to his person. At first, people are drawn to him, fascinated by his natural beauty, but as soon as he opens his mouth, the first impression is completely dispelled.

If you try to talk to such a person, he will not let you insert a word about himself, the conversation will be conducted exclusively about him. He does not care about the problems of others, but he does not hesitate to ask friends and acquaintances to solve his own. Rejections are not accepted, otherwise you will be removed from the list of his friends.

Narcissus is looking for communication and seems to be a pleasant person, but only at first glance. What he really needs is admiration, serenades, compliments, and ovations. If you are not ready to join the Narcissus fanclub, try to stay away from it.


The critic likes to Express his opinion, even when he is not asked about it. He can safely tell his wife (husband): “Why did you buy such a short dress? You’re not a model to show off your legs!» At the same time, the Critic will not even understand that he has offended the person. This behavior seems normal to him.

If you share an idea with a Critic, they will let you know that it is a failure. You will tell us about your upcoming vacation at the sea — you will hear that it is better to rest in the mountains, share the cakes that you have baked yourself – you will learn that grandma Kritika cooks much tastier, and so on. It is useless to argue with him, he will stand on his own until the end.


The assistant will definitely offer to help you if you need it. It would seem that this is bad? But not everything is so simple!

Let’s say it’s time for you to get out of maternity leave, but you don’t want to leave your child with a nanny. A mother or mother-in-law comes to the rescue, who leaves her job and devotes all her free time to her grandson. You save money and are safe for the child, because they are close to a loved one.

But later, the Assistant begins to dictate their conditions regarding the upbringing of the baby, the arguments are simple: “I’ve already helped you! I have a vote in this house!”

And now the Assistant is easily manipulating you, and you just have to obey his order. Although actually words would be enough: “Thank you for your help, we’ll do the rest.”

Source: Daria magazine

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