Home signs for well-being in the family

Household signsOur distant ancestors always believed in home omens. What else could they do? It is today in the technological age that we can find out the answers to almost all questions… or almost everything. And before, people had to take a long look at the world around them, study it, build cause-and-effect relationships, and draw the necessary conclusions yourself. For example, the care of the home and the maintenance of a peaceful and benevolent atmosphere in the family were carried out through various methods.

Housewives knew them all by heart, and for each life case they had already prepared their own – sometimes even the most unconventional – solution.

In the modern world, few people seriously believe in omens. But in vain! Signs that relate to home care can help a lot. Of course, not all signs in a row need to be believed. There are many false ones among them. We will not touch them, of course, but will consider household signs that have been verified by many generations of our ancestors.

Time-tested household signs

Bread is the head of everything. In the old days, Housewives baked bread at home on their own. Now we mostly buy store-bought bread. But even in the purchased bread there is a great power of the Earth. Bread in any case should not be scattered, and crumbs that have fallen on the floor must be picked up. If the bread is spoiled or burned, it is bad luck. This means that there may be quarrels in the house. The bread should be watched especially carefully.

They didn’t eat much. Everyone knows that spilled salt promises scandals in the family. If the salt wakes up regularly, then this is really the case. But if you Wake her up once, just say the following words: “Go away-go away empty-handed!”

By the way, salt is an ingredient that is often used in various magic rituals so if you suddenly discovered scattered salt and not by you, you must first transcend it, and only then to remove. Moreover, it is necessary to throw the collected salt over the left shoulder.

My host’s apron. Most Housewives in the kitchen use an apron and sometimes they put it on the wrong side or tie it incorrectly. Reproach yourself in this case is not necessary, because, it turns out, according to popular signs, this is good luck! So, in your kitchen on this day, everything is disputed, will be, and in relations with the household, everything is sweet.

Spilled oil. It turns out that the spilled oil does not portend trouble, as many people think, but on the contrary, it is as if you are greasing your path-path. This sign is especially relevant for people who are engaged in their own business. Everything is sweet for them.

Step over the threshold. The doorstep in the house is a special place. It is forbidden to transmit anything through it. Also, you can not talk: it is better to let the newcomer into the house or go out to him. If you want the day to go well, then you should leave the house, crossing the threshold with your right foot. And you need to go back into the house, on the contrary, with your left foot. If you find any chips on the doorstep, it may portend possible trouble. The faster you eliminate these chips, the more likely it is that the trouble will pass by.

A crack in a dish is a crack in a relationship. The fact that the dishes are breaking fortunately is for sure. But it is not recommended to store and use cracked dishes. This way you will gradually lead the family to destruction. In a house where cracked dishes are stored, domestic conflicts occur much more often. As soon as you have a defective dish, immediately get rid of it.

And finally I want to give one piece of advice. If you have something happened at home, and you do not know what you will take it to include (good or bad), then it is better to be good. Our thought is a great miracle. After all, what you sincerely believe will happen.

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