Protective magic for the home from negativity and evil

defensive magicWhen you move to a new apartment, you immediately need to protect your new home with protective magic from any negative influences and forces of evil. This will help you with a powerful amulet “magic bottle”, the protective magic of which will protect your home from many troubles. The amulet is made as follows.

On Friday, the waning moon in an empty glass bottle of dark green color must be filled with a handful of new small nails, needles, pins and buttons. Then plug it with a cork and fill it with melted white candle wax. Then hang the bottle over the front door and read the plot:

“Neither near, nor far, nor high, nor low, nor deep, nor broad, nor narrow, nor wide, nor this way, nor that, nor that, nor any way, nor to the word, nor to the deed, nor to the mind, nor to you, nor to me, nor to him, all said to move, cross, shift, back to front, front to turn, black thoughts in my words to get lost, evil language to the iron to stick, come true!»

Now this “magic bottle” will reliably protect your home and will not allow any evil to enter your home. Your family will live together and happily without any quarrels and diseases. All troubles will pass you by. And to enhance well-being and prosperity, you can make a special amulet.

Protective magic in the form of a horseshoe-amulet

It is not for nothing that people say that life is like a Zebra with black and white stripes. But sometimes it happens that the black stripe is delayed too long and it is necessary to artificially push the early transition to the white stripe. This will help us with magic rituals, amulets and amulets, one of which is an ordinary horseshoe.

Find a horseshoe – preferably a real one. But if there is no real one, then decorative crafts will be enough. Take a water-based paint and pour it into a bowl in such quantity that you can drown the horseshoe. Holding it with tongs or wooden sticks, dip it in the paint 7 times, pronouncing the following spoken words:

“What hinders happiness, then paint, covers, that attracts troubles, then disappears in the water, that previously caused harm, then attracts good luck. So be it!»

After that, the paint should be poured into running water (you can open the tap in the sink), and put the horseshoe to dry. After it is dry, hang it or put it in the room in the most visible place.

After this magic ritual, luck will certainly turn to you, and you will forget about all the troubles. Health and happiness to you!

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