How to stop self-destruction. Tibetan Practice

Remove self-destruction by yogaSelf-destruction is not just a term coined by psychologists, it is a kind of mental illness. Consciously, a person does not seem to feel anything, but for some reason, lately, no matter what he undertakes, everything ends in failure. He begins to feel bad physically, various destructive thoughts climb into his head, the mood is always depressed and life is no longer a joy.

Moreover, it seems to a person that a banal set of circumstances is to blame for everything. Although this is far from the case.

A person’s aura is damaged by the self-destruction program that he himself launched. All his unfulfilled desires, unfulfilled dreams, and most often some kind of psychological trauma, perhaps even suffered in childhood, include this program on a subconscious level.

A good method of treatment is yoga classes. There is such a wonderful practice from the Chinese qigong system that can really help stop the self-destruction of the individual.

Exercise for fueling personal energy

Place your feet shoulder-width apart, and bend your knees slightly. Imagine that in the area of the solar plexus you have a small red ball pulsating. This is your life energy. Try to see it. At first, it will be difficult because your energy is very weak. But you should try again and again until you really “see” a spherical clot in your abdomen.

After you can visualize the ball, imagine that it comes out of the stomach outwards. Mentally direct it between your outstretched arms, as if you are hugging a balloon at the level of your navel.

Next, you need to feel how the roots slowly grow out of the feet, which pierce the earth’s crust and reach the center of the earth, the core. You begin to absorb the energy of the core through these roots. The energy will begin to penetrate from them into your legs, arms and fill your energy ball. Feel how it begins to fill with a tight weight, as it increases in size. Gradually, after several such training sessions, your energy ball should reach the size of a sports ball.

While doing this exercise, you should stand and absorb the energy of the earth for as long as you can stand it. There should be a maximum concentration for absorbing energy from the Earth’s core. After you feel that you have reached the limit, mentally reduce the pulsating energy ball to the size of a tennis ball and pull it back into your stomach.

Remove self-destruction by yoga

This practice will allow you to significantly increase your personal energy and stop self-destruction, block the destructive program.

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