How to make a storage bag and perform the rite of accumulation

Storage pouchSome people do not know how to save money at all, although they are very eager to do so. They can spend weeks or even months saving a certain amount for some expensive and necessary thing. But a short time passes and a person suddenly breaks down, buying something absolutely unnecessary for themselves.
As a result, he can’t afford any serious acquisitions. A person does not know how to store large amounts for a long time. But there is a way out.

Savings bag

For such impulsive people, there is a special rite that allows you to still accumulate the required amount. To hold it, you need to buy nine candles (preferably Church candles) and sew a canvas bag with your own hands.

Now you can start the ceremony itself. Place candles on the floor in a semicircle and light them. Then turn off the electric light. Put all your savings accumulated so far in a canvas bag and place it in the center of the circle. Now you need to drop wax on it. From each candle, shake off three drops to the storage bag. In this case, you need to repeat the following plot:

“God help me! Under a snag for the beast, under grass for the bird, under water for the fish, under guard for me. There is a treasure, grows up, rises by leaps and bounds. I will not decrease, another will not decrease. Until it grows to a high level, until it is ripe for business. Don’t cut it, don’t take it, don’t spend it, don’t give it away. Amen!»

This rite must be performed nine times. Once a week. After that, you will not notice how your savings will grow, but you will not even think about taking this money and spending it on some stupid thing. The storage bag won’t let you do this.

Some may say that this is just a psychological device and conspiracy magic has nothing to do with it. Well of course. Reminding yourself every week that you can’t spend money in a canvas bag… can be called a psychological device. But it doesn’t change the point.

A person stops mindlessly spending cash on various nonsense. And magic or not is already a matter of ten. It all depends on the person’s perception. If he believes in a conspiracy, then it is the conspiracy that helps him. Well, if he refers to psychological techniques, it means that psychology helps him. But the main thing that helps! Good luck and prosperity to you!

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