How to create an energy magnet and fill yourself with energy

energy magnetTo perform any magic operations (energy-informational effects), you need energy, which is an integral part of the subtle world. Between our physical and otherworldly world, energy is evenly distributed. But for full magic action this is not enough and you need to learn how to extract the necessary amount of energy at any point in space. To do this, a kind of energy magnet is created.

What is an energy magnet?

An energy magnet is an energy object designed to attract energy from the surrounding space and concentrate it at a certain point. The most common such object is a circle or Hoop. Although you can use other forms for this purpose, for example, in the form of a ball or cone. Let it be as convenient for you to visualize.

How to create a magnet-beacon

Creating an energy magnet is quite simple. To begin with, you need to completely calm down and relax, bring a complete calm to your soul and thoughts. Remove all unnecessary things from your mind and concentrate on the upcoming action, think only about the lighthouse. Now that you are fully attuned and focused, stand in the middle of the room and close your eyes.

Nothing should distract you. Draw a circle of light on the floor in a clockwise direction. The circle must have your favorite color. Look straight ahead, and slowly turning on your axis, draw (mentally) a circle until you close it at the point where you started it. Determine the size of the circle yourself, focusing on your own convenience. Everything, the energy circle is created, and you are standing in its center.

Now it will only by its very existence cause the surrounding energy to focus around itself. Since like always attracts like to you, you can only keep in mind the idea that the circle actively attracts energy. This will be enough for the circle to start working.

Next, you need to imagine that the energy coming from the circle goes to you and concentrates in you as if you are a living battery. Stand still, eyes closed, not straining or trying to consciously control the process. The energy itself will gradually fill you like water on a sponge. Feel it. And when you do, start influencing it.

The circle itself cannot store energy, it is just a magnet, a beacon, an antenna, if you like. Therefore, if nothing is done, the attracted energy, after passing through the circle, will again be distributed in space.

That is why you need to direct energy to yourself and feel its power with your inner vision, as it gradually charges every cell of your body, like millions of micro batteries. As soon as you are full of energy, the flow of it will stop automatically, and it will again go into space, because when the glass is full, the water flows over the edge.

Now you need to remove your energy magnet, so that its continued existence does not begin to take away your strength, because the circle is part of you and just as it attracts energy from the surrounding space, it can begin to pump it out of you.

In order to remove the circle, you need to mentally open it at the very place where you closed it. Imagine how it retracts under your gaze, like a pencil mark from an eraser, as you turn around (this time counterclockwise) until you once again turn the circle into a single point.

Now you are filled with energy. You can direct it at someone or something, providing information (energy-informational impact) or leave everything as it is. In this case, you will simply clear your internal energy and gain strength.

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