How information affects water. Experiments of scientists

Информация водыWhere does the information come from? No one knows for sure. Although scientists are sure of one thing: information tends to be stored in physical objects and substances, and then read from there. Some time ago, scientists conducted some experiments with water.
It was affected in some way and then frozen. Then they looked at the structure of the ice through a microscope. Scientists have concluded that different information has different effects on water, which is expressed in a change in the location of the crystal structure of ice.

They were glued to the flasks with water of paper on which were written various abstract concepts. And they got amazing results. For example, where the words “love”, “care”, “kindness” were written, after freezing, the ice crystals had a clear symmetrical shape and were very beautiful and harmonious. But where it was written: “hatred”, “evil”, the structure of the ice crystals was torn and had an irregular shape.

The written name of Christ had a positive effect on the shape of the ice crystal lattice, and the name of Hitler, on the contrary, formed a dark crystal torn apart.

After the words, scientists began to conduct experiments with music. The results were identical. That is, after harmonious symphonic music, crystals formed the correct structure, and after heavy rock or just musical cacophony – ugly formations.

The same thing happened with the expression of emotions. When you put a glass of water next to people cooing in love, then after freezing, you could see the perfect shape of the crystals. And if the water stood near quarreling, and swearing people-the water formed irregular broken fragments.

Информация воды

After conducting all these experiments with water, scientists have made several important conclusions, but the most important of them is that water (and maybe other types of liquids) can remember information and change its properties and molecular structure under the influence of this information.

How information affects the human body

This leads to another very important conclusion. Since the human body consists of 70-80 % of water, our water, just like laboratory water, can perceive and remember any external information. In other words, under the influence of our (and other people’s) thoughts, words, and emotions, it changes in exactly the same way as in the experiments of scientists.

When we listen to calm music, our body’s water becomes very good and carries the most positive energy. Well, if you like to listen to heavy rock, then accordingly, the information in your body will not be easier. It’s not for nothing that according to statistics, many rockers often get sick, drink alcohol and smoke a lot because their body water is literally saturated with bad energy. And if we have ” bad ” water, then our health is unlikely to be good.

If we are often irritated and angry, then diseases will visit us with the same regularity. Anger and hatred greatly affect the deformation of the molecular structure of water. Envy, resentment, anger, and even just sad thoughts have the same negative effect on our body. All these negative emotions leave a rather unpleasant imprint on the information contained in the water of our body.

People who are open to the world, who are always cheerful and kind to others, who look at life with great optimism, are much less susceptible to diseases and failures because their bodies contain water charged with positive information.

People who practice magic very often make a spell on water, because it absorbs the necessary information well and “remembers”it for a long time.

We often program ourselves for a particular negative situation or illness, or Vice versa-good luck and health. After all, our thoughts, our emotions constantly create any information that affects our body, our fate, most of them uncontrolled because we do not track the flow of our thoughts and do not direct them in the right direction. So everyone gets what they get.

For the most part, we are subject to frequent anxieties and fears, which affect our health and life in General. There are practices and trainings that allow you to learn how to replace negative information with positive, help you track bad thoughts and replace them with good ones. As a result, you can program your body for a good and happy life without disease and suffering.

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