Place of power – the storage of human energy

найти место силыThe place of power is not an invention of esotericists, magicians and sorcerers, it is a real place that exists not somewhere in the imagination, but in real physical space. It can become an inexhaustible source of your energy. In such a place you will feel light and full of energy,
you will always be happy and happy there. But how do we determine where this place of power is? How do I find it? Earlier we wrote about where you can physically find a place of power. But can you feed off the energy from it without leaving your own home? It turns out you can.

How to find a place of power without leaving home

You will need to remember the most beautiful place in the world where you have ever been and felt at the top of bliss. It can be anything: a Park next to the house where you walked and rested, a lake on the shore where you fished, a piece of forest where you collected a basket full of mushrooms, a cottage on a dacha surrounded by an orchard, etc., etc. Or maybe it will be a place of power that you have already found earlier, where you fully felt its beneficial effects.

There may be several such places, but you need to choose one. Think about where you would like to be right now. The brain will help you and remember the first thing that will be most pleasant for it. This area should become your place of power, its storage and your recharge.

But it is not enough to find your place of power. You need to be able to tie it to yourself and establish an energy connection with it.

How to connect to a place of power

You need to choose a time when where you have decided to create your place of power, no one can stop you from doing so. In other words, it should be deserted. It is better that this is your day off because you should not be tired and sad, with gloomy thoughts.

Lie down or sit down so that you are comfortable and comfortable. Turn off your mobile phone. Nothing should distract you. Calm your mind and soul. You are relaxed and feel just fine.

Close your eyes and visualize your place of power clearly in your mind. Try to completely immerse yourself in this imagination and mentally transfer yourself there. Now try to walk around this place, wander around it, look around. You should be easy and calm. If you are in the open air, try to feel a light breeze blowing around you, hear birds chirping, smell pine needles or wild flowers. Completely immerse your thoughts in these imaginary sensations. Try to make it as realistic as if you are physically there.

You may not be able to do this at first, but with proper effort and daily training, you can achieve this result. After a certain time (everyone will have their own time, since the power of imagination is different for everyone), you will be able to be carried away to your own place of power almost instantly. And this will mean that your connection with it is fully established and now it “knows and waits for you”, since it already carries your own kind of energy imprint. This setting allowed you to enter into an energy resonance with it.

To feed from there with energy, you do not need to be there, it is enough to mentally transfer there and absorb all the positive emotions associated with this place. But when the opportunity arises, be sure to visit it again.

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