Conspiracy from fear of driving a car. The real magic

fear of drivingSome people, even after studying in driving school and getting a license to drive a car, can not drive confidently because of banal fear. This is especially true for women. Men “fit into the steering wheel” somehow a little better. All fear of the steering wheel comes from self-suggestion of a person, in whose head, the formula was completely fixed: I can’t drive, period!

If you get behind the wheel, you start to shake, thoughts get confused in your head, and pedals in your feet, first of all you need to calm down. And before you turn to magic, hire a good instructor who can not only show you which side of the brake pedal and which side of the gas, but also inspire you with self-confidence. Perhaps a few lessons with such an experienced driving instructor will be enough to get rid of the fear of the steering wheel forever.

And be sure to start driving. It is better every day, in the morning, when there are not so many cars in the city. Thus, you will learn not to get lost on the road, get used to road signs and traffic lights, and you will not notice how the car will become your second legs-obedient and fast.

Ritual for fear of driving

To get rid of the fear of driving faster, you can turn to magic rituals.

To hold it, you will need a glass filled to the top with water. Toss in a pinch of salt and a pinch of sugar. You don’t need to mix them. Then lower the corner of your driver’s license inside (do not be afraid they are laminated and will not get wet).

Then whisper the words of the conspiracy:

“And there was salt, and there was sugar, and bad, and good. But from now on, only good things will happen. I see the goal – I don’t see any obstacles. Key, lock, tongue.”

Then take your license, and pour the water on the right front wheel of the car you are going to drive.

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