Rules for reading the plot and performing rituals

Rules for reading a plotThe power of any conspiracy depends on many factors. The main condition is to say the plot alone, but you need to do it correctly. It depends on how effective it will be. Any plot must be carefully read to correctly understand every word written in it. After all, a conspiracy is not just words, but words spoken at the right time, day, in the right situation and with the necessary attributes.

During any ceremony, it is desirable to be alone. No one and nothing should distract you. Exceptions are cases that explicitly indicate that other people should participate in the rite.

It is rarely necessary to carefully memorize the words of the plot. This, of course, is not bad, but a person in various situations can start to worry, get lost, and not the right word to say. And all-the meaning is lost. If you do not doubt yourself, then please teach. If in doubt, write down the words of the plot on a piece of paper and put it in front of you. No one will accuse you of spying on the text! 🙂

It is very important that the words of the plot were felt by you. Therefore, before reading them as part of a specific rite, read them several times just like that. Understand the meaning of the words and relate it to your own situation. Maybe even imagine and feel the problem that you want to solve with the help of a rite and a conspiracy.

Some spells require reading aloud, others-on the contrary, to yourself or in a whisper. But know this: if it says “say it out loud” and for some reason you can’t do it, it’s better to say it to yourself or whisper it than not to say it at all.

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