How to bring well-being into your life in 12 steps

Well-beingWe sometimes think that well-being is a million dollars or a new position with a good salary. When this happens, then a happy life will begin. In fact, happiness is a way of life, a set of habits that everyone can develop. Psychology of internal well-being is devoted to lots of scientific research. Experts most often identify 12 factors that affect the feeling of satisfaction from your life.

Well-being and a smile

How often do you smile? Only when there is a reason? This is not enough! The more often you do this, the happier you feel, even if the smile is strained. There is a physiological explanation for this: our facial expressions enhance the emotions we Express. That is, literally, the facial muscles involved in smiling send signals to the brain that stimulate the production of endorphins-happiness hormones. Therefore, give your smile to everyone you meet, whether it’s a cashier in a supermarket or a janitor at the checkpoint. When choosing a movie or book, take something that will make you laugh. This habit will change your life for the better.

A good night’s sleep affects the well-being

Healthy sleep is the key to good physical and psychological well-being. Chronic lack of sleep is a sure road to depression. A global study of 10,000 respondents found that people who slept less than 5-6 hours a day were five times more likely to suffer from clinical depression. If you manage to get 7-8 hours of sleep, your mood improves, it is easier for you to cope with everyday stress and establish contact with the world around you.

Movement is the elixir of happiness

If there is a magic elixir of happiness, it is physical activity. In response to a moderate load, our body begins to produce endorphins. That is why some people are literally “hooked” on sports. A morning jog or an evening dynamic walk is a sure way to feel happy. But it is important to set up correctly: if you go to the gym through “I don’t want” because you want to lose weight for the New year, then there will be little happiness from such activity. It’s not for the result, and for pleasure, so it is important to select the kind of exercise that will be a joy.


The human brain is designed in such a way that we tend to focus on negative events. If you get a promotion at work on the same day and your bag is stolen, then eight out of ten people will think about the bag, and the promotion will take a back seat.

Instead, try to focus more on the things that you are grateful to the Universe for. Every night before going to bed, mentally make a list of pleasant events of the past day. Gratitude is a highly positive emotion, so do not hesitate and say thank you to others as often as possible for their help and support.

Little pleasure

The most unhappy people are those who live forever with memories of the past or dream of the future. Learn to enjoy simple sensations and banal events: a beautiful sunset, the taste of coffee, a good song on the radio, a conversation with a friend or a friend, the boss’s praise. Try to stretch out this moment: stop and admire the setting sun, slowly savor the first Cup of coffee in the morning, dance when you hear your favorite tune, and tell everyone about the compliments of the chef, let them rejoice with you.

Free time

A modern woman often feels that she does not belong to herself. Her husband, children, superiors, relatives-they are the ones who manage her life, and there is no time or energy left for themselves. That is why it is so important to allocate at least half an hour for yourself every day. Let it be time that you spend exclusively on your own pleasures: a bath with fragrant foam, a walk in the Park, an interesting book before going to bed or your favorite TV series.

Thirst for knowledge

Research shows that our satisfaction with life increases whenever we successfully learn something new. This increases our self-confidence and sense of self-worth. It is not necessary to immediately aim for big projects, even small achievements can be a source of happiness. It’s time to remember what you always wanted to learn, but didn’t have enough time. Start small: sign up for vocal lessons or learn a new electronic gadget.

Close person

Psychologists say in unison that the best investments we can make in life are relationships with family and friends. Invested emotions and time are returned with solid dividends. A person is a social being, it is important for him to feel part of a group, it is important to build close relationships with others. The big question is whether Robinson Crusoe would not have gone mad on a desert island if he had not met the right Friday. So on weekends, instead of lying on the couch, meet with friends and get positive energy.

Positive-the path to well-being

It is important to see pleasant moments even in negative events. Recent research suggests that we are genetically programmed to be pessimistic or optimistic. There’s a lot of luck here. Still, you can adjust this program if you consciously cultivate a positive view of things. Try to find the good in everything that surrounds you. Let’s say your boss is a very unpleasant guy who almost immediately breaks into a scream. But he covers his subordinates in front of his superiors, and you can easily go to his office if you have a question.

Healthy pofigizm

We often worry about events that we can’t influence. And that makes us unhappy. Remember the famous aphorism: “Lord, give me peace of mind to accept what I can’t change. Give me the courage to change what I can change. And give me the wisdom to distinguish one from the other.”

It doesn’t make sense to worry about rising prices or the first wrinkles on your face-you need to take it for granted and adapt to the changed realities.


Swimming against the current is a sure way to drown and drown. We forget this when we try to do something that we don’t have the inclination to do.

For example, if you do not like to communicate with people, you are unlikely to be happy working as a salesperson or educator.

It may be too late for you to change your job profile, but you can find a hobby in which you can fully show your strengths.

For example, at the insistence of your parents, you went to study accounting, although in fact you dreamed of being a chef in a restaurant. Why not start a home-based cake-making business and earn money by doing what you love?

  1. Kindness

    We underestimate the joy that selfless help can bring to others. By doing good deeds, we grow in our own eyes, feel good, kind, and highly moral people. This affects our self-esteem. Take a dog for overexposure, go for medicine for a sick friend or friend, participate in a clean-up or collect things for the elderly from a nursing home. The main thing is to do this not for the sake of gratitude or return service, but for your own pleasure.

    Interesting facts about happiness

    Your level of happiness may depend on your diet. For example, foods such as nuts, milk, and chicken contain high levels of the amino acid tryptophan, which stimulates the production of serotonin, which is responsible for our good mood.
    According to a study by English psychologists, the level of happiness in a married couple can be affected by two simple actions: regularly say compliments to each other, do not forget about the banal thank you – and you will be happy.
    A simple way to feel better is to pet a cat or dog. In response to this stimulus, our brain begins to produce oxytocin, an attachment hormone that instantly makes us a little happier.

    Source: Daria magazine #19 2018.

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