The magical energy. How to learn to influence the subtle world

Magic energyMagical energy permeates the space. Even if you are not a professional magician, but still resort to magical methods of influencing the surrounding world, for example, conduct a certain ritual or read a magic spell, you still enter into a dense interaction with the world of subtle energies.
This interaction is quite real even if you are not aware of it and do not feel it.

In the world, nothing happens by itself and all accidents are natural. If an event occurred in your life, no matter how small or large, it was preceded by its own reason. So in magic all your interactions with the subtle world especially when you achieve significant results there is a dense influence on the otherworldly energy.

But do not think that we affect the “parallel world” with just a word or some ritual action carried out in our material world. If this were the case, the planet would be drowned by the magicians who would eventually tear this material world to shreds.

Words and actions are not enough to fully influence the reality of subtle energies. It is necessary to show Will, Life Force. Or in other words, the ability to influence the other world using its own subtle energy. And in order for this to happen, you need to learn how to concentrate and manage this energy.

How is this magical energy “extracted”? Where can I find her? Mages came to one interesting, and for most people strange and incomprehensible conclusion: the most effective result of magical influence on the subtle world is given by two types of energy-the energy of love and the energy of death.

Magic energy of love

What is the energy of love and how to use it? Love is a feeling that can turn mountains. Love is not only always sung by poets, but also actively used by magicians. For example, when you perform a magic ritual in relation to a certain close person and at the same time experience a bright feeling of love for him, the probability that it will work increases many times. You can even say that the force of influence on the subtle energy increases in multiples of the strength of your love for a person.

Therefore, when you perform rituals for your loved ones: parents, brothers, sisters, wives, husbands, children, other relatives, and friends for whom you have genuine feelings, then your magic will be stronger than ever.

And Vice versa, with complete indifference to the person for whom you conduct a magic rite, you will not see any significant results. Probably, some effect from your efforts will occur, but it will be much weaker than if you feed your actions with the energy of love.

But of course in real magic it will not be enough that you experience love. The energy of love must still be “activated”. In other words, strengthen it a hundred times, so that this feeling will consume you completely. When you are filled with love to the top of your head, then you can start performing rituals, divination, making amulets, talismans, etc.

What do you need to do in order to multiply the feeling of love? This is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. After several training sessions, you will learn to quickly “tune in” to the feeling necessary for the magic ritual.

Before you start any magic action, you need to first deeply tune in to the person for whom you are going to conduct it. This is done with the following training.

Imagine the image of this person in your imagination, start actively thinking about him, remember all the pleasant things that connect you with him, cultivate sympathy by turning it into an amazing feeling of love, feel how dear this person is to you. When this feeling fills your entire consciousness, and you feel great joy just from the fact that this person just exists in your life, only then will you be ready to perform a magical ritual based on the energy of love. You are tuned in.

The magic energy of love will help you solve almost any problem, whether it is the illness of a loved one, protecting it from damage, the evil eye, removing the spell, etc.

For example, here is a plot for peace between spouses. Try it. But first tune in as described above and only then read it three times for food or drink.

“As eve married Adam, as the eagle married the eagle, and the Swan married the Swan, so you, servant of God (name), follow the servant of God (name). So that you could live together for a century, share your bread and bed, keep up with each other, and never know happiness or peace without each other. Where the servant of God (name), there is the servant of God (name). Amen».

Then offer the charmed food to the couple and make sure that they eat it (drink it) at the same time. This will be the most effective magic ritual. But if for some reason you do not succeed with food, talk some object and leave it in the home of the quarreling spouses (for example, giving it as a gift for the next holiday)

Energy of death

Death in the understanding of any person is the personification of destruction and death. How can it give any creative energy? It’s impossible. But if you think so, you are only partially right. Look around. Look at nature and you will see that it lives only through death. Dead animals and plants provide the basis for the emergence of new plants turning them into a nutrient medium. New plants are food for new animals. Plants are the beginning of the food chain for all life. Death not only kills, but also creates. From this we can draw a simple conclusion: the energy of death carries with it the creation.

When a person dies, there is a powerful surge of energy. It is similar to the decay of the nucleus of an atom, which is divided into neutrons and protons generates an energy release. The atomic bomb is based on this principle.

Almost the same thing happens to a person at the moment of death. The soul is separated from the body and at this moment there is also the release of some energy, which can be divided into two fractions. Our physical energy is rapidly dissipated in space. Subtle energy-remains in the place of its release for a long time.

For example, in a place where a brutal murder was committed for a very long time there is a black energy of unexpected death. A good psychic can accurately describe all the events that happened at the point of the tragedy.

Similarly, the energy of death is permanently attached to the very object of its release, that is, the body of a dead person, which means that it can be used for a magical ritual.

Despite the fact that it is believed that the energy of death is harmful and when you turn to it, you can get a serious illness, some magicians are quite successful in using it for their own purposes. Black magicians use the energy of death to create damage and cast a curse. But you can also use it for good purposes. After all, the subtle energy itself is inert and does not carry active evil or good. It cannot affect a person by itself. It all depends on who gives the team and makes it work in one way or another.

A cemetery is a natural repository of death energy. To use it in your rituals, you must follow several rules. Try to get there at a time when there are fewer people there. Try to clear your mind and not think about anything. Look around, walk among the graves, try to feel this energy. What did she look like to you? Dark, dark, sad? No matter. Any energy can be used. When you plunge into the energy of death, feel it, then you can begin to read the spell or spell you need.

With the help of the energy of death, the magician can remove the addiction to alcohol, drugs, Smoking, cool down, remove the spell. In principle, the magical energy of death is suitable for solving absolutely any questions, just like the energy of love.

You can practice using the energy of death on a plot to get rid of alcohol addiction.

To perform this rite, you need to buy a bottle of vodka and bring it to the cemetery. Then find a grave with the name of the person you want to help get rid of alcohol addiction. Tune in after feeling the power of the death energy, and then read the following spell three times:

“As the dead do not live in the cities-villages, do not walk, do not walk, do not drink wine, so the slave of God/the slave of God (name) does not take intoxicated in his mouth. Amen».

Bring the vodka home and put it somewhere. When the patient finds it on their own and drinks it, then the process of recovery will begin. This ritual must be performed three times. After that, your loved one will get rid of alcohol addiction forever. Good luck and health to you!

The article is based on the book “Damage, evil eye, evil induced. Diagnostics and protection»

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