How does the subtle energy interact with the physical world

Subtle energyHow does the subtle energy affect the physical world? When a person performs a ritual or simply reads a spell, he begins to interact with the world of subtle energies and matter. Even if he does not feel this interaction, it is still there. We all know that there is nothing in this world that happens by itself.
There’s a reason for everything. So with magic action. All magic rituals, rites and spells interact with the subtle world, achieving certain results. They affect an otherworldly energy.

But the question is different. Can we influence the world of subtle energies simply by certain physical actions or words performed and spoken in our material world?

Hardly. Otherwise, each person could change their environment every second, which would lead to instant chaos.

How do magicians affect the physical world?

Magicians for their own purposes use some subtle energy coming from the subtle world, which they make work for themselves. To control this energy, you need a certain inner concentration. In other words, the magician comes into contact with the other world, takes some of the energy from it, then uses it for his own purposes and sends it back.

The returned energy carries the necessary information, which makes the necessary changes for the magician in the subtle, and, consequently, in the physical material world. The subtle energy can freely penetrate from another dimension (the subtle world) into our material world, and Vice versa, without any restrictions. This is the property of free energy penetration that magicians use.

What properties does the subtle energy have?

The subtle energy after” programming ” the necessary information produces certain changes in the material world, because it is also a part of it… in a sense. More precisely, it is part of the Universe, but the physical world is also part of the Universe, which means that both these parts are interconnected due to their common egregor.

The subtle world appeared much earlier than the physical world, so it has the ability to influence and control it. Subtle energy can enter our world as already programmed with some information, or in a pure form.

In the first case, this happens when we, for example, begin to call upon the spirits, and ask (conjure) them to fulfill our desires. At the same time, we do not affect the energy of the subtle world in any way, but only use otherworldly spirits who apply this energy in the direction we need.

In the second case, pure subtle energy is used, in which the magician already independently invests the necessary information. Which method to use depends on the degree of training of the magician. For a beginner, it is best to use the first method, because he will not be able to independently control clean energy.

With the skilful use of subtle energy, we are able to direct and remove damage, the evil eye, cure disease without medication, avert trouble and attract good luck.

We are also part of the subtle world, or rather our souls. But if this is the case, it means that we can get the necessary energy from internal reserves. After all, to use the subtle energy, it does not matter where the point of contact with the other world will occur-outside of us or inside of us. After all, our soul itself is a subtle entity that has a huge energy and is able to independently control a physical object – our body, supporting life in it.

This is a huge energy that we simply have to use for our own purposes. This powerful source is always with us, and we can turn to it at any moment to get the necessary energy for magical action.

However, there is an obstacle to this, a wall that prevents us from fully using this energy. This wall consists of our daily activities, the everyday Affairs of physical reality, in which we are immersed with our heads. Our soul, and therefore the energy of the subtle world, is closed from us. We sit in our body, as if in a biological suit, a deaf impenetrable shell. We begin to manifest ourselves only when we begin to be overwhelmed by strong emotions.

When we are overwhelmed with great joy, bright feelings, energy just overwhelms us,and we are ready to roll mountains. Deep sadness and grief also exudes powerful energy that can melt icebergs. But such moments happen, not often.

In everyday life, we usually rejoice, but not explosively, sad, but without flooding everything with our sadness. Accordingly, we do not feel the power that is inherent in us initially. But there is a way to learn how to awaken your inner energy. And we will talk about this in the following articles.

The article is based on the book “Damage, evil eye, evil induced. Diagnostics and protection»

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