Rite of passage “10-1” for weight loss. How to lose weight using a ritual

the rite "10-1»Rite of passage “10-1” is a very effective tool not only for weight loss, but also for getting rid of various complexes and developing self-confidence. This is a combination of neuro-linguistic programming and visualization meditation. Since overweight people who want to lose weight most of them are victims of such complexes, then this rite can also help them. The rite of “10-1” (for those who want to lose weight) is as follows.

The rite “10-1»

Every person who has decided to get rid of extra pounds should stand in front of a full-length mirror and look at themselves imagining what they will become when they lose weight-slim, beautiful, fit, etc. At the same time it must repeat the following words: “Ten minus one, ten minus one»

You should focus entirely on your desired image and completely put out of your mind extraneous distracting thoughts. Try to avoid contact with Pets during the ritual. Choose a time when no one is home, and put the animals out the door. Nothing should distract you from the ceremony.

Work on your figure this way for one or two months, and you will notice that others will begin to say that you have become much thinner. And to finally make sure of this, stand on the scales before the beginning of the ceremony and after (after 2 months)

By the way, the rite “10-1” has various properties. By repeating the cherished words, you get rid of everything that can hinder you in your life. And this, of course, is not just excess weight. This is all that prevents you from becoming a harmonious and happy person.

You can attract someone you like very much, but for some reason they don’t pay attention to you yet. Imagine looking in the mirror next to your reflection the object of your desire. Imagine that your reflection communicates with it, talks to it, reaches out to it… But do not forget to repeat the above-mentioned words.

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