Protective magic against the evil eye and damage

Defensive magicWhat is protective magic for? If a person’s protective field is weakened, then even with a strong internal energy that allows them to cope with the evil eye on their own, the evil eye or damage can stick to them. A person begins to get sick for some reason, and the doctors just throw up their hands, or his Affairs
they are going out of hand badly, problems at work, scandals at home, and in General, luck has turned its back on him.

If this happens to you, then you do not need to despair… just put a charm on yourself. In the morning, wash with charmed water, especially on days when you have to go to a crowded place. This will help you protect yourself from accidental or deliberate evil eye. The words of the water plot are as follows:

“God Bless You. Holy water and Mary, my sister, wash away my lessons, lessons, touches. Everything that is made up, whispered, done, take from me, water, so that I never succumb to them. Amen.”

Protective magic against other people’s influence

Protective magic will also be needed from a more serious negative energy impact of someone else-damage. Damage can be of different types in terms of severity, and to determine this, you will need the services of a specialist. But you can try to cope with this on your own. For example, if a person often falls for no reason, breaks his arms and legs, or other similar troubles often occur with him, this may be a sign of someone else’s influence, in other words, the imposition of damage.

So that this does not happen, you need to conduct a ceremony from outside encroachment: at night, on the growing moon, you need to take a tea saucer, a handful of river sand and a lit candle. Before a candle from a handful on a saucer to pour sand, saying the following words:

“I walk along the banks and collect sand. I bring it to the house with me, and I ask for it on my word of honor. Sand loose, take with you slander on me-the servant of God (name), do not let someone else’s intention against me come true. Let the damage pass, let the evil leave. Amen!”

Sand after the ceremony should be poured away from the house.


It happens that a person unknowingly causes damage to himself. It seems that his life was not bad, and he has a house and a family and raised good children, but still considers himself a failure. Complains about fate, about a small (in his opinion) prosperity, it seems to him that everyone is deceiving him, etc.

And indeed, everything that he imagined begins to happen in reality. And money is always not enough, and the neighbors look askance, and the household so do not feed bread at all, let them quarrel. In General, he spoiled himself with his bad thoughts.

To correct this, it is necessary first of all to stop thinking badly about yourself and your life, and second – to conduct a special ceremony. Go to the well on Saturday at the hour before dawn, when there is no one around, lean over it and shout:

“Water devil, night devil! You are sitting in the water-dark, come out for a moment, take the damage and writhe from me, failure and poverty into the bargain. My words are Golden, my deeds are filled with power. So be it.”

Then cross yourself and leave. Don’t talk to anyone on this day.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones! Good luck and prosperity!

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