Money pies. How to bake wealth and prosperity?

Money piesFolk magic is very versatile. It can relate to a variety of areas of human activity, from health to financial well-being. Today we will learn about the so-called food magic. Special spells are applied to various dishes, which help to correct some life’s bad situation, get rid of the disease, etc. After all, as you know, food is energy that allows you not only to maintain the physical strength of the body, but also to feed the mental energy. The energy concentrated by the plot in the right direction will merge with the positive energy of the universe and the person will not notice how lucky, healthy and happy he will become.

Money pies

The secret of well-being lies in the preparation of magical money pies. It is necessary to bake such pies twelve times a year, that is, every month. And not just to use them yourself, but to distribute pies to as many people as possible. The number of people who received money pies should be at least twelve.

The very secret of getting rich through food magic in particular money pies is a conspiracy filling.

In order to bake pies, you need to prepare a special filling. Take in equal parts: sorrel, dill, parsley and onion. Then you need to finely chop them, add salt and pepper to taste. Next, add thick sour cream to the filling so that it remains crumbly, but evenly flavored. Before making pies, the filling should be stirred clockwise, using a spruce peg and at the same time read the incantation twenty-one times.

“As the earth bountifully gives birth to all greenery, all grass, is washed by the rains, and is blessed by the heavens. So also I, the slave (- u) (name), will have a generous birth in money, a blessing in all things. People human are treated, good does not regret. My goods will return to me in wealth and abundance. May mother earth help me!”

Ready-made pies must be wrapped individually in a white paper napkin, saying the following words:

“For good luck, for good luck, for the joy of me and good people. He will return a hundredfold, verily!»

After the distribution of money pies, the result will not be long in coming. Things will get better. Money will come from a variety of unexpected sources. Good luck and prosperity to you!

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