How do I prepare for baptism? Parental blessing

prepare for baptismMost often, baptism occurs in infancy, when the question of faith is decided for the child by his parents. They bring him to the Church and ask God to protect their child. Less likely to come to be baptized are adults. But if it happens, it means. Man seriously and firmly decided that he wants to become an Orthodox Christian. This is the main condition for performing the sacrament.

It is worth informing the priest or other employees of the Church about your desire to be baptized. Before baptism, a mandatory conversation is held. It is advisable to come to it with future godparents, although they may not be. This is not necessary now. In the conversation, the priest will tell you how to lead an Orthodox life, what it means to be a true Christian, and how the sacrament of baptism takes place.

Previously, you will need to purchase the necessary items for the ceremony. You can get a list of them at a specific temple. As a rule, it consists of a christening shirt (women must wear something non-luminous under it), a cross, candles, and a towel.

Another important point is the choice of your future Church name. It may coincide with the name of the world or be associated with the day of Epiphany and the celebration on this day of the memory of a Saint.

The sacrament of baptism itself lasts about half an hour. In the course of the action, the priest tells the participants what to do and how to do it. Some churches still baptize by immersion in an hour of Holy water. But more often a partial ablution is performed, without immersion.

Why do I need a parent’s blessing?

Parental blessing in Church life is only a pleasant custom. When it comes to a wedding, as such, a blessing is not required. What matters is the desire of two people who have decided to join their destinies. They can ask their parents for their blessing at will.

The parental blessing itself has recently become something of a tradition. It reminds a person of their connection with their ancestors. This tells him that he is not alone.

Kind words of guidance from parents help us to start something easier, to go somewhere. Especially when the mother and father play a big role in the lives of their children, they are respected and honored. It does not matter whether the parents themselves are baptized people, Orthodox. If this is the case, it is good, even if they rarely go to Church or prefer to pray at home. When they are not baptized, but just say a kind motherly and fatherly word to their children-this also means a lot.

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