General cleaning in your life. Full reboot of destiny

cleaning of living - rebootSooner or later, everyone comes to the realization that their life requires a reboot. But the replenishment of new energy is impossible without clearing space for it. Your house, your belongings, your body and your soul require a General cleaning. Where to start? Often people who are trying to get out of a crisis, try to read books on psychology, make plans for a new life, but step on the same rake again and again. And all because the same puzzles will always make up the same picture.

House cleaning

The first, simplest step to a new life is to get rid of junk on the physical level. In other words, it’s time to arrange a General cleaning of the house. The accumulation of junk in attics and mezzanines causes our energy to stagnate. In fact, for life we need very few things, and those that we leave on the principle of “maybe useful” we never remember. The point of rebooting is not to stay in the bare walls, but to sort out all your things. There are many different approaches to how to properly select what is worthy of staying in your home. One of them is to throw away everything you haven’t worn or used for a year or a year and a half.

Another way is to pick up each item and ask yourself just one question: “Does it bring me joy?» Even if you think about it for a second, throw it away. Your home is a huge reflection of your soul. Apathy and sadness lead to disorder, and confusion leads to depression. The more garbage you take out of the house,the more positive energy you will let in.

The most malicious accumulators of negative energy in the house are: documents, receipts, instructions for equipment (the idea that this piece of paper will ever be useful to me is a fiction), Souvenirs (real dust collectors), photos with exes (they definitely do not need to be stored), boxes of household appliances, magazines, notebooks, books, cosmetics samples.

It is better to take a vacation or devote a few days to General cleaning. If this is difficult, do not clean by zone or room, but by category: first, clothes, then books and papers, then food, etc. For each item you left, find a storage space. If you have nowhere to put something, throw it away (give it away, take it to a Church or shelter). Before parting with each item, thank them for serving you. At the end of cleaning, you will feel light all over your body, as if a heavy weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

If you are sorry to part with a thing that you do not use, take a picture of it as a souvenir and… still break up.

Putting our thoughts in order

Reading social networks, thematic sites, and forums is a significant part of your life. We swallow streams of information in gigabytes, completely forgetting that every letter, every picture affects your consciousness and controls your life. Psychologists call this information intoxication.

Start the reboot by cleaning your computer and phone – delete all files and programs that you don’t use, outdated links, movies, audio recordings, and photos. Remember the saying: you can’t pour a full glass of water. Even the virtual space of your life needs to be cleaned up. Reduce the number of subscriptions, and remove people from your friend feed that you don’t know and those with whom communication causes you negative emotions.

Reset unfinished business

Each of us has a lot of important and not so important things that are in the “someday I will do” mode. Accumulated unfinished business subconsciously causes us stress, even if we forget about them, and also blocks positive energy. Make a list of all such cases, from unpaid receipts and fines, to calling your great-aunt or making an appointment with the dentist. Next to each item, put one of two icons: O (reset and forget) or B (run now). It is the ordering of information flows and current Affairs that is a mental reset – the second stage after physical cleaning.

In the future, try to observe information hygiene:

Don’t fill your head with unnecessary information;
Do not communicate with unpleasant people;
Don’t make difficult promises;
Don’t put things off.

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