Divination of the ancient Celts. How to change fate with the help of Celtic magic

Divination of the ancient CeltsThe priests of the ancient Celts possessed secret magic, with which they were able to foretell the future. Celtic divination is simple only at first glance. In fact, their forecasts provide fairly accurate hints that will help you make the right decision on the way to happiness and prosperity.

Celtic divination using tree branches

You need to cut one branch of birch, poplar, hazel, Apple, pine, Duma, alder, river willow, Rowan, poplar and hawthorn. Branches should be the same length (approximately 5-7 cm). Put a special mark on each branch, so that you can then distinguish them from each other.

Then you will need a canvas bag that you need to sew yourself. Put the prepared twigs in this bag and shake well (like barrels of Russian Lotto). Now pull out one of the branches at random and check with the interpreter.

Birch tree. You will find information that will help you radically change your worldview, which in turn will significantly affect your life.

Apple tree. You need to listen to your heart and then your family life will be happy.

Alder. In order for the long-awaited luck to finally visit you, you need to show firmness and determination in combination with prudence.

Pine. Don’t be overly demanding of the people around you, it’s better to pay more attention to yourself.

3. in the near future, you will have a wise adviser in your life, whose recommendations you should listen to in the most serious way.

Rowan. You will discover a secret that will help you quickly achieve what you want.

Willow. If you don’t fight and just go along with the flow of life, you will only be disappointed and unsuccessful.

Hawthorn. Try to learn to understand your family members especially the other half otherwise you risk being left alone.

Poplar. Stop scheming. You can’t build a career on this, and if you even rise through intrigue on the service ladder, you will certainly fall and soon enough.

Nutwood. It’s time for love. Let your feelings come to the fore.

Celtic divination with stones

For this Celtic divination, you need to take three stones of approximately the same size, but necessarily different colors. The first stone should be black it will symbolize midnight and an uncertain future. Choose the second stone of silver or bluish color-a symbol of twilight and the feminine principle. The third stone should be yellow. It will represent the dawn and the masculine.

Take a white tablecloth and cover the table. Clearly formulate the question you are interested in, to which there is only an unambiguous answer – “Yes” or “no”. Close your eyes and throw all three stones on the table. Now look at how and in what order they are located on the table.

The black stone is your future. If the yellow stone is closest to it, then the answer to your question will be positive, and if the silver stone is closer, then – negative. If the stones are at the same distance, then you should throw them again. Throw until you get a clear answer to your question. By the way, you should not guess with the help of stones more than once a day.

Divination of the Celts on the desire

This ancient Celtic divination can ensure the fulfillment of small wishes that do not have a big impact on fate, for 40 days. You need to take a long thread so that it can be enough for 40 centimeters of stitches. Thread the needle. Whisper your wish. Now make one stitch on a piece of white cloth, and then hide it until the next day.

On the next day, again make a stitch and again hide the fabric. Repeat the magic sewing process for 40 days. The line should go straight. In this case, your wishes will be fulfilled much faster. If the length of the thread is not enough for forty stitches, it will mean that your desire is impossible and unrealistic.

After you finish sewing on the fortieth day, say your wish aloud on the last stitch three times and bow to all four sides of the world, and then make a knot. After your wish comes true, be sure to burn the fabric.

Clover and love

If you haven’t found your other half yet and your heart is free, but you feel that it’s time for love, then find a clover with two leaves. If you find it-your happiness. In a short time, fate will bring you to a person whom you will truly love with all your heart.

If you already have a loved one, then finding a clover with two leaves will mean that you will be lucky in some difficult task.

If it happened that your heart was broken and you parted with a loved one, then you should not be sad. The found two-leafed tree will say that your moping will soon pass, and you will meet true love.

If in your search you come across a clover with three leaves, it will be a symbol of victory over your detractors, envious and detractors. And if you do not become fixated on resentments and forget the unpleasant past, then you will be waiting for a dizzying rise and good luck.

If you want to know the name of the future husband or wife, then try to find a clover with four leaves. Rip it off and keep it with you until you meet a new man or woman. No matter where this acquaintance will happen – on the bus, at work, in a cafe, on the street, etc., the main name will be the name of your betrothed or betrothed.

Clover with five or six leaves in no event it is impossible to pluck. According to the belief of the ancient Celts, it was believed that by doing so you will incite trouble.

If you come across a clover with seven leaves, then know that your life will soon begin a white streak.

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