Casino in Portugal: history and features

CasinoDespite the fact that the risk of coronavirus infectious diseases remains at a high level, the Portuguese authorities want to allow gambling establishments to operate on their territory. But in order to enter the casino, visitors are required to present a COVID-19 digital certificate at the entrance or show
a negative test, which must be done three days before visiting the institution.

All these data and the result of the decision contained in the document were published by the official gazette of Portugal Diário da República. The order has been approved at the highest level and is already coming into force. The decision of the authorities to open gambling establishments is based on proof that casinos are quite capable of carrying out their activities without violating the security measures in force in the state.

According to the newly adopted rules, employees of gaming clubs may not have a negative test or a digital certificate with them. But guests of the institution must necessarily bring these documents with them.

When did the first casino in Portugal appear?

In Portugal, gambling has always been very tolerant. Such establishments have a long history in the country, and the very first gambling houses appeared there more than a hundred years ago. And in 2015, the online casino was officially allowed to work.

In 1783, the very first lottery appeared in Portugal, which received an official national status. Of course, the motivation for her appearance was not commercial, but charitable, but this, in general, does not change the essence.

In 1904, the first casino was opened in the port city of Figueira da Foz, which quickly gained great popularity among gambling enthusiasts.

Casino and Legislation

Gambling establishments in the country are controlled by two official legislative documents, which were developed in 1989 and 2011.

The law permits the organization and implementation of gambling only in ten gaming zones within the casino. Special exceptions are considered by the authorities. These may be cases when:

they are going to organize games on air and sea vessels that have Portuguese registration, but are not located on the territory of Portugal;
conducting a lottery at mass events;
arrangement of slot machines on the territory of a large gathering of tourists.

The largest gambling establishment in Portugal is the Estoril Casino, which has been operating for more than forty years.Casino

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