A pendulum for a business person. Success Forecast

A pendulumA pendulum for solving controversial issues. Sometimes it happens that a person seems to work a lot, and gets quite decent, but for some reason there is still not enough money. Life from paycheck to paycheck. Many people try to start their own business, but often fail due to external and negative internal circumstances.
Therefore, probably, most people are cautious and do not rush to open their own business. They believe that it is better to have a tit in the hands in the form of a stable salary than a crane in the sky in an attempt to catch which, you can fall into a debt pit.

In order to predict success in business and find out whether there are chances to promote your business, you can make a special pendulum.

How to make a pendulum for predicting business success

This pendulum is made as follows. Remove one small, light feather from the pillow you usually sleep on. Put it in the pocket of the suit you wear to work. After three weeks, this feather can be used.

Take a piece of paper that has previously been printed with a document related to your business. It may be a photocopy. Divide the document across with a solid line into two equal parts. One part of the sheet is retouched in black, the second is left unchanged. The pendulum is ready.

Every time you need to make an important business decision, take out a piece of paper and a feather. Put them in front of you. Ask the question you are interested in. The question should be written in such a way that it can be answered either in the affirmative or in the negative. No common phrases. Then lift the feather above the midline of the leaf to the height of your elbow and say:

“The wind blows, the wind howls, the wind eats the bones, in my business question, the wind will help me. My word is strong!»

After you say the spell, release the feather in free flight. Look at which half of the leaf it will fall on. If it is white, the answer is positive, if it is black, the answer is negative. Well, if the feather will fly past the leaf three times in a row, then it means that the outcome of your question can be both positive and negative. This may mean that nothing depends on you anymore. Everything is decided by external circumstances. Therefore, we can only wait for the result.

A pendulum

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