What will the mandalas say about your character? The test is based on Buddhist practices

mandalasMandalas are sacred drawings used in Buddhist practices. They can tell you a lot about a person’s character. The intricacies of patterns, colors, shapes and designs of one mandala will never be repeated in another. Each is unique – just as a person and his nature are unique. Choose from the suggested mandalas the one that is the most attracts your attention. Give yourself time to think. Did you make the right decision? If so, read the description of how mandalas define your character!

Mandalas about a person’s character


    1. Thing in itself. It takes a lot of time to get to your core. You are like a matryoshka consisting of several dolls at once. For many people around you, you are a mystery that you want to solve. Your loved ones may not understand your actions, reactions, and intentions. But this is only to your advantage! Such people can easily become leaders and lead the masses. They are adventurous, purposeful and know what they want from life. Sometimes it is not easy with them, because they do not suffer losses and want to be the first in everything. You can inspire people, be a reference point and role model for them. In personal relationships with you, it can be difficult: only the same strong person can stand it. You will simply outperform the other candidates on all indicators.
    2. Home creation. You, as a soft affectionate cat, creates comfort around you, and fawn on other people. Noisy companies always prefer the silence of your favorite home. At the same time, you love your guests and are always happy to prepare for their arrival. No wonder you have a lot of good people around you. You attract them like a magnet. Someone comes to you for help, someone is already grateful, others just want to warm up at your hearth. Unfortunately, sometimes your too soft character can interfere with life. For example, serious decisions are difficult to make. And it is impossible for you to offend another person at all: it is better to go over your own interests. You easily create a family, with joy give birth to children. Many such women become Housewives.
    3. Creative nature. You are like a burst of energy, a concentration of everything bright and unusual! At the same time, your profession may be very ordinary, but your hobby, Outlook, and the content of each day may differ from everyone else. You can see the world differently, from a different angle. It is very important for you to find” your own ” people in your life who will understand you, support you, and be on the same wavelength. If you don’t find it, you’ll be a loner. You love communication, but you take your choice of friends too seriously. There are no random people around you. Everyone went through fire and water with you. You are a person with a good sense of humor who can respond positively to various circumstances in life. Did something go wrong? So the stars will meet next time!
    4. Facets. You are always among people. You do not imagine yourself a lonely person, even afraid of this state. Noisy parties and festivities until the morning – your everything. Even work you try to find a match for yourself: for example, monotonous accounting is unlikely to suit you. You can’t sit in one place. Love to travel and visit new places, places. Serious beginnings are not for you. In this sense, you’d rather be a subordinate than a boss. After all, it is much easier to go when the goal has already been indicated by someone for you. Such people are often affectionate. They change partners like gloves, and sometimes they can’t find the “right one” at all. It seems that this is it, but no – everyone has flaws. You will never tolerate what you don’t like. Like a light butterfly, you will fly away from problems to where it is light and warm.

5. Ease in everything. Ease and carelessness are in your blood. Nothing bothers you, nothing can make you lose your temper. Is it good? Partly Yes, because you live a pleasant and simple life, as you think. You can easily meet people easily part with their money. You change places of work, circumstances of life. There is something airy about you that delights others. You are easy on the rise, and you can break from your perch at any moment. However, there are disadvantages to such a view of life. You have no constancy, no conservatism, no attachment. And they are sometimes so necessary to a person! If you look back, you will find that you leave almost no traces behind. In a love relationship, you are guided by emotions. If they are, you are with the person. If they are lost, you will be lost as well. You also have one important ability – you can dream! Therefore, many goals are achieved easily and easily.

Source: Daria magazine # 22 2018

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