What icon will save you from drunkenness? Who needs to pray?

Icon of the mother of God "inexhaustible Cup" from drunkennessAlcoholism is undoubtedly a disease. Getting rid of drunkenness can sometimes be quite difficult. In the course of a variety of tools, ranging from coding in medical institutions and pumping a trip to the grandmother-healer. You can use any methods as long as they are
effective and helped the person to heal.

If you are a believer, then ask God for help. Pray in front of the icon for the person who you care about and who needs help to get rid of drunkenness. But you need to know which icon can help you.

Who should I pray to get rid of drunkenness?

For a long time, prayers for getting rid of drunkenness were read in front of the icon of the mother of God “the inexhaustible Cup”. It depicts the mother of God herself and the infant Jesus Christ standing in a bowl. The Cup is a symbol of charity and the breadth of soul with which the blessed virgin Mary is ready to help sinners.

There is a legend according to which a peasant was cured of drunkenness thanks to the face of the “inexhaustible Cup” Relatives were worried about him and asked to go to the neighboring village, to the Church where the miraculous face was located. The man has reached such a point that his legs have already failed. I had to crawl on my knees… And when he crawled to the Church, was in front of the face of the virgin, immediately the passion for alcohol disappeared. And the legs soon began to walk.

Whether this is true or not, the miracles performed after the ascended prayer at the icon of the “inexhaustible Cup” really exist. It is necessary to find a prayer to the most Holy mother of God from drunkenness and create it every day.

Alas, the drunkard himself cannot be forced to come to the Lord and ask for help. It is better for relatives to pray hard, ask and believe. Light candles, visit the temple. Looking at them, the drinker will come to his senses.

Only through kindness and patience can we help our loved ones get rid of bad habits. After all, if you leave a person to fend for themselves, leave them to cook in their own juice, then they will finally die unable to resist the green serpent on their own.

Only together we-Orthodox people-will be able to fight the evil that the enemy of the human race sends to us. And drunkenness is one of its most effective tools.

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