Money secrets. Signs of people to raise money

National signA popular saying says: “happiness is Not in money!”. Perhaps this is so, but without them it still somehow becomes uncomfortable to live. Almost everyone strives for material well-being and good prosperity. Over many hundreds of years, we have accumulated a lot of beliefs and beliefs. If you follow these folk signs, you can not only get out of poverty, but also get rich.
Let’s take a look at some of these monetary options.

Monetary folk signs

When a black cat suddenly crosses your path, you should not think that it is unfortunate. It is better to spit at this time three times over your right shoulder, and you will be surprised how unexpected money will appear in your life.
If you suddenly find a button on your way, do not rush to step over it. Step on the button with your left foot and stamp three times. This simple action will attract financial luck to you.
A broken nail on your hand is a reason to become more alert and cautious. Your absentmindedness can lead to the loss of significant funds, for example, become a victim of fraudulent frauds.
If you stumble with your left foot, put your hand in your pocket and say: “FIE on you, poverty, go away from me!” If your clothes don’t have pockets, just clap your hands three times while saying the same words.
If you accidentally wear clothes inside out, it is considered that this will lead to financial failures. To avoid money losses, try not to borrow for a while and start saving.
If you meet the same person three times in a week, you will soon get lucky, but not in gambling and lotteries.
A coin found on the road should not be raised in any case – you risk taking on other people’s problems and poverty. You should not even step on a coin lying on the ground, especially if it happens in a cemetery.
If you accidentally got your foot in dog shit, be happy – you will soon get lucky. You may even get a promotion at work.
Started sneezing and sneezed at least five times – you can make a wish to attract money into your life. To do this, say the following words: “Sneeze-not the wind, money-in your pocket. As he said, so it will be. My word is firmly sealed! True!» Your wish will certainly come true.
To attract cash flows to your home, put a few coins under the Mat at the front door. They will serve as a reliable indicator for monetary energy.
If you are in a Sunny day got under the “blind” rain, then do not hide from it. It is better to put your face under its drops and try to count their number. If it turns out to be even, you can wait for the addition of cash in your wallet. Well, if it is odd, then in the near future you should avoid any spending and try to give up rash purchases.

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