What are your talents? The evaluation of talent using numerology

The evaluation of talent by the numbersTo live an exciting life and enjoy every day, you need to use the opportunities of your own talents and abilities that the universe has created. It’s never too late to change your life for the better. Many people do not even know what amazing and useful abilities they are born with. They waste their allotted years on unloved work, empty entertainment, and unpromising relationships. However, you can change this if you use resources that are hidden inside. And what exactly – will show simple calculations.

Calculation algorithm for talent identification

For the calculation of the algorithm will need your full name, patronymic and surname given at birth (recorded in metric). In other words, if you changed your last name when you got married, you should use your maiden name.

For example, your name is Anna Alexandrovna Makarova.

Step 1. First, you need to translate your first name, middle name, and last name into numeric form. To do this, you will need a table (each letter in numerology is assigned its own number). Using it, determine which numbers correspond to the letters of your first name, last name, and patronymic. Write them.

Таблица значений

Step 2. Sum up the numbers for the first name, last name, and patronymic separately. You will get three numbers. (The letters in the table in Russian language).

The number of the name: A=1, N=6, N=6, A=1. Summing up: 1+6+6+1=14

In numerology, two-digit numbers are collapsed to a single digit by adding the numbers included in it. In our example: 1+4=5

Patronymic number: A=1, L=4, E=6, K=3, C=1, A=1, N=6, D=5, P=9, O=7, B=3, N=6, A=1. Summing up: 1+4+6+3+1+1+6+5+9+7+3+6+1=53

Collapse: 5+3=8

Surname number: M=5, A=1, K=3, A=1, P=9, O=7, B=3, A=1. Summing up: 5+1+3+1+9+7+3+1=30. Collapse: 3+0=3.

Step 3. Add the three received numbers: 5+8+3=16.

Collapse to a single digit: 1+6=7. It remains to read its transcript, given below.

The value of numbers for identifying talents

  1. You are richly endowed with leadership qualities, activity and assertiveness. If you think that this is not about you, then most likely you are suppressing these traits in yourself. Don’t run away from yourself, become what you should be. “Units” easily achieve success in a variety of areas of activity-choose for yourself!
  2. Such people are simply created to work with people. By nature, you are artistic and tactful, so it is not difficult for you to establish contacts. If you choose the profession of a teacher, psychologist, Manager or journalist, you will be able to prove yourself to the full.
  3. You have a little more talent than other people, so life asks more of them. A creative streak and a rich inner world will help you realize yourself in the field of art and teaching. Just do not put yourself above others, otherwise pride will slow down your growth.
  4. Pragmatic wise people in everyday life. You have a very large supply of energy, which is quickly renewed. You will be suitable for decision-making activities and “hands-on” work – crafts, construction, logistics, etc.
  5. By their nature, they are impulsive and adventurous. You are independent of the opinions of other people, and very sociable. Since you can’t imagine life without constant movement, look at activities that involve communication and travel. For example, tourism, advertising, working on transport.
  6. You are endearing at first sight. You think clearly and look deep into the problem. Logic and feelings inside you go hand in hand, so it is worth paying attention to professions related to the knowledge of psychology, such as diplomats, conflict analysts, public relations specialists, etc.
  7. You have an analytical mind. You are very good at collecting and organizing information, and you can easily recognize where the truth is and where the lie is. The decisions you make are mostly correct, although at first glance they seem meaningless. Suitable areas are science, education, and media.
  8. These are people with an iron inner core. You can easily achieve material success and enjoy activities that require a lot of energy. You can prove yourself in politics and sports.
  9. Spiritually and intellectually developed people, enthusiasts who dream of changing the world for the better. The universe has rewarded you with patience, so your purpose is to give yourself to people. Such an altruistic nature as you will be a good health worker, nanny, human rights defender.

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