We get rid of depression with the help of spells and dances

Getting rid of depressionPeople who lead a predominantly sedentary lifestyle are at risk of getting not only physical illnesses associated with this, but also mental ones. The most common of these diseases is depression. The study of this disease revealed that with a sedentary lifestyle, the human body begins to stagnate bile, making him melancholic. The term ” melancholy “in Greek means”black bile”.

Why do you think animals don’t suffer from depression? Is it because they have been on the move all their lives? And we have people-a car, a computer, a sofa, a TV, laziness… everything contributes to the development of depression and General deterioration of health. For example, Latin Americans are considered the most non-depressing nation. And why? Because these people just love to dance, and their dancing contributes to the production of the hormone of happiness-endorphin.

So if you feel that a certain melancholy is beginning to take hold of you, know that depression is on the way, so urgently start to include movement in your daily life. Make a list of daily routines that you should turn into a mandatory ritual.

Ritual for depression

After you Wake up-pour half a glass of clean water and speak it whispering:

“Life-giving moisture, fill me with happiness and health.”

Drink the charmed water. Then take a cool shower, imagining that you are not pouring ordinary tap water, but a wonderful rain of joy and good mood. If you do not want to do light running in the morning, you can buy a training disk with Latin American (or some other equally energetic) dances and learn a few steps that you will need to perform every morning instead of gymnastics. And during the day, moving around the apartment, try to perform dance movements.

Make eating a pleasant ritual for yourself, and each time mentally say:

“I am healthy and happy! Food is my joy, as is life itself. Everything about it is good for me.”

And before going to bed, you need to completely relax and let in the simple idea that tomorrow you will have an incredibly wonderful and successful day.

And be sure that in a very short time from your depression and melancholy will not remain a trace. You will enjoy life again as in your youth.

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