Unique people are phenomena. The real facts about the superpowers

люди-феноменыThe brain has always been considered the most mysterious part of the human body. Some people have it more developed than the rest of humanity. These are people-phenomena that have a number of superpowers. One of the most famous people-phenomena is considered
Englishman Daniel Tammet, who has been affected by autism since childhood, speaks with great difficulty and is poorly oriented in space. However, this unique person can perform the most complex mathematical calculations in a matter of seconds, easily stores 22,514 digits after the decimal point in the number PI, and speaks ten languages perfectly.

However, such people-counters were familiar to mankind from ancient times. Among them were famous scientists such as the mathematician Leonhard Euler or the astronomer and physicist Dominic Arago, who could easily perform many mathematical calculations in their minds at an incredible speed.

Incomprehensible abilities in the field of mental counting are often found in children. For example, an eight-year-old American boy, Zera Colburn (1812), could translate different numbers up to 16 degrees in his mind in a matter of seconds, as well as extract the root from the same degree. When asked how many minutes there are in 48 years, he immediately replied: “25,228,800” – and was absolutely right.

In the middle of the 20th century, the public was shocked by Shakuntala Devi, who easily extracted the roots of the 20th power of numbers consisting of 42 digits. It was used by the government of India in the census of the population and took part in the most complex mathematical calculations, ahead of any computers of that time in the speed of calculations.

The Soviet academician Ioffe was able to work from memory with large tables of logarithms including up to 30 million digits.

Our contemporary certified medical doctor Andrey Slesarchuk is able to memorize huge rows of numbers, performing various mathematical operations with them in his mind. He was twice included in the Guinness Book of records.

But human phenomena differ not only in their ability to remember large amounts of digital information. For example, Alexander the great, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Julius Caesar knew every soldier in their many armies by sight and even remembered their names.

The famous Russian chess player Alyokhin could play chess with his numerous opponents only from memory, blindly, and once during a session of simultaneous play, he fought on 32 boards at once.

People who can remember many languages are also common. The most famous polyglot is the Italian cardinal Giuseppe Mezzofanti, who perfectly knew 38 languages and was fluent in several other languages. Our compatriot Yuri Solomakhin, a sports journalist who also spoke 38 languages fluently, was not far behind.

Such people-phenomena that have unique abilities, are considered direct proof that the average person uses their brain only 5 percent, and they are 90 %.

Well, what can we say about people who, for example, are able to attract various objects with their bodies? Their brain functions in the usual (5%) mode, but the physical capabilities are simply amazing. For example, a resident of Malaysia, Liv Tou liin, could drag a car along the road on a metal chain, the end of which he simply applied to his stomach.

Scientists who studied the phenomenon of this man could not detect any magnetic field, and were completely stumped.

Scientists could not reveal the phenomenon of the Siberian Sannia, which was a real “living magnet” and could attract not only metal objects, but also, for example, plexiglass.

Probably, it would be possible to doubt the reality of such phenomena, if not for the numerous attempts of scientists to study them. After all, all research is documented.

The roots of many such “secret” abilities-knowledge are invisibly connected with such ancient protocivilizations as Atlantis, Hyperborea, Arctida, Lemuria. And who knows, maybe this ancient knowledge and related superpowers of people will serve in the future as a new ark of salvation, thanks to which humanity will finally be able to find a way out of the impasse of man-made civilization.

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