Religion as an instrument of political rule of power

religionReligion, in particular Christianity, initially served as a tool for politicians. The Roman Emperor Constantine, in order to prevent the collapse of the Roman Empire, made a fateful political decision that determined the further development of not only Christianity as the main world religion, but also humanity as a whole.

The pagan Constantine suddenly abruptly changed his faith in pagan gods, with which he was born and lived half his life for a young, almost little-known Christian religion. Try to make a strongly believing modern Christian abruptly forget what he believed in all his adult life and fall in love with, for example, Islam. Even if he decides to change his faith, it will take a long, very long time for his soul to become familiar with the new postulates.

It turns out that the decision of Emperor Constantine to adopt Christianity was a simple political move aimed at the benefit of the state and at preserving the integrity of the Roman empire.

Moreover, out of dozens of gospels, he accepted only four as the basis of his religion. The rest of the gospels were recognized as heresy and were subject to destruction, although they conveyed the sayings and way of life of Jesus Christ in the same way. Isn’t it a little strange? It turns out that he accepted as the basis of the Christian religion only those gospels that were convenient for him to rule the masses. Moreover, even these gospels were written only forty years after the death of Jesus Christ, which means they could be edited as the church and political authorities pleased.

And what does the government need?

So that people work, do not grumble, do not be indignant, do not climb where they are not asked. The artificial planting of the Christian religion on a global scale pursued just such a goal. After all, what does religion tell the common people? If you are poor and poor now, then after death the kingdom of heaven and paradise life awaits you. But for this you need to work well and be silent in a rag. God was patient and told us to! Believe, endure, work, and an afterlife full of pleasures is provided for you. These arguments, of course, are somewhat simplified, but, nevertheless, the essence of the origin of the official (at the level of its acceptance by the state) Christian religion is reflected correctly.

The editing of the Bible for the benefit of political needs, the distortion of the statements of Jesus Christ radically changed the very essence of Christianity. Jesus was made the only son of God, the Messiah, the savior, etc., etc. Meanwhile, the decoding of other found gospels clearly says that every person on earth can become the son of God, as Jesus Christ himself claimed, if he believes in himself, in his inner hidden reserves, in his capabilities.

This was preached by the Gnostics who were persecuted by the Christian Church and the secular authorities. The belief of the Gnostics was slightly mystical in nature and was based on the true teachings of Jesus Christ, and not on the edited Bible, which included only four gospels out of several dozen others. And that’s right, why do the authorities need millions of independent gods when they need millions of obedient “slaves”. Born to crawl – can’t fly.

Preachers at church services actively inspired the masses with the idea that their impoverished existence was pleasing to God and that their sufferings on earth would be more than repaid in heaven. Oratory among the clergy has been perfected and polished for decades.  It was akin to mass hypnosis. If now the population is being fooled with the help of “zomboyashchikov”, then preachers used to do this. In principle, it is not difficult to inspire the masses with a certain idea. The main thing is that people are ready to accept this idea, and then a chain reaction occurs. People passed “the right thoughts” to each other from mouth to ears and back. The incredulous came to the church and were subjected to a new hypnotic attack by the clergy.

People who do not respond well to hypnosis always have their own critical opinion on any issue and create opposition.

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