How well developed is your intuition? Psychological test

IntuitionEvery person has an intuition, but some of them work well, and some of them don’t. How are you getting on with the sixth sense? Sometimes you leave the house and find yourself thinking: “it’s Better to go back.” But they return – those who trust their inner voice. What would you do? Back or not? By answering this and other questions, you can find out how well your intuition is developed.

Do you have prophetic dreams?

A. Sometimes I dream something similar, but I don’t track their fate.

B. Constantly. I make decisions based on them.

V. I don’t remember my dreams at all. Maybe I don’t dream about them…

How often in your life do you go all-in, risk everything just because you are sure that luck is on your side?

A. I have had such cases. But my intuition sometimes failed me.

B. Quite often, and most importantly – my premonitions are correct!

V: No, it’s too scary to put everything on the line.

Do you have any insights when the solution to a particular question comes suddenly?

A. very rarely. I remember only a few such cases.

B. Oh, Yes! This happens at times when you don’t expect it at all.

V. Unfortunately, no. Each time you have to think for a long time about the options for solutions.

Do you hear your inner voice?

A. Sometimes I think I hear it. But then I realize that this is just my feelings.

B. of Course I do. It helps me a lot.

V. no. What is it?

Something unpleasant happens before your eyes. Will you turn around in the opposite direction or will it go further?

A. If it is very necessary, of course, I will go further. But all day long I will be haunted by an unpleasant feeling.

B. Turn around, definitely! I believe in such hints from fate.

V. why turn around? I’ll go about my business.

Your phone is ringing. Can you guess who’s on the line?

A. I try, but it doesn’t always work out.

B. I almost always guess. I even arrange such contests for myself.

V. Never thought about it.

Imagine that something inside you is saying: “No, don’t do that.” But you need to do it. What will you do?

A. I will listen And try to cancel my plan. There’s a reason for this…

B. I Won’t do it. I trust my inner voice very much.

V. I’ll Drown out my inner voice. Need to means, need to!

Do recurring events occur in your life?

A. I think they do. Do the repeated numbers on my watch count when I look at the time?

B. It Happens. At times like this, I feel like the universe is trying to tell me something.

V: No, or I just don’t notice them.

Do you experience any unpleasant physical sensations when you don’t want to do something?

A. I Notice this, but only if the reluctance is strong.

B. Yes. My stomach clenches, my stomach sucks.

V. No, all experiences are only in the head.

Can you see the signs of the Universe?

A. Sometimes I think so.

B. Yes, and I believe they are everywhere. You just need to be able to see them.

V. what are these signs?

Let’s sum up the test results: what is your intuition?

Most A. you can’t Say that you have a well-developed intuition. However, you consciously listen to yourself, try to see the signs and see the future. It doesn’t always work out. But if you continue to practice, you will definitely achieve results. We can advise you on thematic books, personal growth trainings, and communication with intuitive people. When others will convince you of the futility of the sixth sense, do not give in to this provocation.

Most B. your intuition is not just well developed, but brilliant! You must have had a sixth sense since you were born. You have prophetic dreams, you see signs everywhere, and you can hear your inner voice. Don’t be afraid to make decisions based on what you feel. In most cases, they are correct. Your loved ones may ask you for help as someone who sees more than they do. You should continue to improve yourself, but do not forget there are issues where you need to rely not only on your intuition.

Most V. Alas, if you have heard about intuition, it is only from others. When you see thoughts about something like this in books or movies, you think it’s all nonsense. In your life, mistakes often happen precisely because you do not trust yourself, do not know how to make decisions based on your own feelings. Do you want to fix the situation? You will have to make a difficult journey, because now the sixth sense is only in its infancy. But it’s worth it!

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