How to teach children to read fiction

Teach your child to readWith the development of the Internet, the advent of computers, smartphones, and an abundance of various gadgets, our life has become much easier, and information is more accessible. But at the same time there are unpleasant moments. For example, our children have almost stopped reading fiction. Post a message in a social network, watch a video-it’s always welcome, but to pick up a book … is already a problem.
But reading printed letters contributes to the development of thought processes. It is like a kind of simulator for the brain. Just as sports equipment and gymnastics train the body, so reading literary works trains the brain.

How to teach a child to read?

But how do we get a child to read books? Direct parental guidance doesn’t help much. Your child will sit for an hour over the book and throw it back on the shelf. But parents do not always have time to monitor the fulfillment of children’s promises. We are loaded with work to the eyeballs. And who knows whether the child read the book you picked up or just caught flies … a mystery.

Prohibitions, various methods of carrot and stick, can have some effect, but not always. And some particularly stubborn kids just go to a direct refusal: I will not read and that’s it! Of course, if mom or dad has a lot of free time, which he will not regret spending on his own child, then they will be able to find an approach and still interest him in reading. But in most cases, we always have no time.

It is almost impossible to fall in love with reading overnight. This is instilled gradually, sometimes even for years. And you need to start from the earliest years. Read aloud to your child fairy tales, interesting stories, and humorous stories. That’s when, over time, he will not wait for a joint “reading session” or a direct instruction to go to move his brain. The child will become interested in books.

Teach your child to read

A whisper on the printed word

And more. Let’s try folk magic. Before going to bed, put a book from the school curriculum at the head of the child’s bed and, biting your tongue, whisper the following plot on it:

“I am a servant of God (my name) biting my tongue, I am biting my love for the printed word forever. Read different books, read good books, I conjure you, my daughter (son) (name of the daughter, son), take me as an example. Key, lock, language. Amen, Amen, Amen.”

By following these simple tips, you can surely instill in your children a love of reading. All the best to you!

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