How to relieve eye fatigue, restore their natural Shine and clarity

the infusion of the fern to the eyeTraditional medicine includes not only herbal decoctions and infusions, but also spells and prayers. It has long been known that voiced thought forms are a kind of energy that, in one way or another, affects the world around us. And the correct thought forms voiced in the form of prayers and spells can not only change a person’s life, but also cure him of various diseases. For example, to relieve eye fatigue, restore their natural Shine, etc.

How to restore the Shine and clarity of the eyes with a hex

If you work a lot at the computer, then surely your eyes often suffer from fatigue. There is redness in the eyes, dryness and pain. To cope with this problem, you can not only periodically rest your eyes (sometimes this does not work, due to the density of the work schedule), but also use a special infusion, thanks to which your eyes will take the initial Shine and clarity, despite many hours of work behind the computer screen. And it may even slightly improve vision. The recipe for traditional medicine is simple.

You need to chop dried fern, which is not necessary to collect in the forest yourself, but you can just buy it at the pharmacy and pour it with steep boiling water at the rate of: one tablespoon of grass is put on one glass of boiling water. Then you need to wrap the broth with a thick towel and insist for at least three hours.

At the next stage, filter the infusion and throw in three pinches of salt. At the same time, for every pinch of salt, you need to read a hex.

“Clear are the dawns, clear are the days. Opening castles in the sky. They take the Golden rays. Amen»

Stir the resulting infusion with a spoon counterclockwise, reading the next hex twelve times.

“As the Church domes Shine and Shine, as they burn in the sun, shimmer with light, and the people worship them in admiration, so my eyes will Shine like a rainbow.” As I said, so it will be. Amen”

Then this infusion is soaked in cotton pads and put on your eyelids before going to bed. We keep them for thirty minutes. Within a week, your eyes will be clear and clear again.

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