How to get along with your boss using a magic rite

How to get along with your bossSometimes it happens that a person working somewhere, has a difficult relationship with the boss. It seems that I like the work and the team is great, but the boss did not go well from the very beginning. Either there are constant nagging about all sorts of trifles or do not notice at all, and, consequently, the “bonuses” fly by. To change the situation, a special rite will help.

But know this: if your work experience in this situation is quite large, then it will not be so easy to change the relationship, although it is quite possible. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that success will not come immediately. If it is not there after the first rite, repeat it, but no more than once every three months.

First, find out what your boss likes. You can ask your colleague directly about this. Let’s say it turns out that he likes beautiful hands. Buy a nice pen – one that you think your boss would like. But don’t give it away! It would be too obvious a hint of a desire to make friends and smacks of sycophancy. This approach to your own person may not appeal to every boss, and you will get even more problems.

A pen (or any other object) we will need it for a special ceremony that needs to be held at home.

The rite of establishing relations with the authorities

Take a piece of paper and write on it by hand what you would like to see your relationship with your boss. For example, “friendly, warm”. You can be as specific as possible. Next, wrap the pen in this paper, tie it with a red thread and put it in a secluded place. Wait a week, and then take out the” gift ” and whisper a plot over it:

“I give you not just like that, but with intent. So that the servant of God (the name of the chief) had a thought about me and remembered me well. Let us meet, become blind, and never be separated again. Amen»

Then take the gift to a place where you will never find it. For example, bury it in the forest. You will present it mentally, but it is no worse than physically. And even on the contrary, this secret ceremony will remain secret, and relations with the authorities will really improve.

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