How is the disease attracted? Why can’t you show your sores?

IllnessIf you show yourself a sore spot, you can really get sick. Some people have a bad feature: to show something on themselves, how someone fell, how someone was operated on. This is very undesirable, because in this way, we really attract illness, illness, injuries and other troubles.

How is the disease attracted?

What is the mechanism of such actions? Why does everything shown on itself gain such power? And the mechanism here is quite simple: pointing with the hand, we give a direction, we aim the energy flow.

After all, any event has several stages or levels of implementation, and initially it exists as an energy information system. You show yourself the area of the body that is affected by the disease in another person. At the same time, you name the disease, and thus you embody the negative energy, set it a specific program. This is how the vital image of the disease is formed.

And it is only one step away from the physical manifestation of the disease. There is such a medical history: once a very famous doctor, a luminary, you can say, conducting a round of patients with students, said that eighty percent of the serious patients in this ward invented the disease themselves. One can, of course, agree that such maxims of doctors irritate patients: how it is my own fault for my illness!

But, believe me, the doctors are right about this. There is a very serious science that lies at the junction between medicine and psychology — psychosomatics. She is a scientific explanation for how it is possible to invent a disease.

Well. Showing yourself some sores that have arisen in other people and active discussions about them are one of the most effective methods of inventing and” hanging ” diseases on yourself.

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