How do I protect my home if I’m away for a long time?

Protect your home when you leaveSometimes, for some reason, we have to leave our home for quite a long time. And naturally, away from home, you get restless thoughts about how our native Penates are “doing” there without us? Did something happen to them? We yearn for home comfort and look for ways to protect the house from everything bad during your absence. We will talk about one of these methods today.

First of all, I would like to say that you do not need to worry too much about your home, so as not to really provoke the arrival of misery on the energy level, which will not fail to be embodied in physical reality. Think only of the good, and the good will always be with you.

Protect your home with a conspiracy

But to completely calm your feelings and get reliable magical protection, use one of the spells that helps protect the house, and most importantly-to calm the soul of the owner of the home, if he is so worried about it.

So, when he leaves, take a handful of earth from under the house. If this is a private house-from under the porch. If multi-storey – land near the entrance where you live. Put it in a bag with the words:

“Where I come from, they don’t forget me here, they wait for me, they inquire about me.”

This land should be taken with you to a new place where you plan to live in the near future. When you arrive there, pour out this earth under the threshold of the new house, saying the words:

“Where I arrived, here I am met and treated. And sweet home will stay with me.”

You don’t have to do anything else. The main thing is not to think about the bad things. Have performed the rite – and believe that everything will be all right with your home. Remember, what we have in mind, then in fact! This is the law!

Good luck and prosperity to you, dear friends!

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