Four plots for healthy seedlings

Plots for seedlingsEvery housewife who is closely involved in the garden on the infield or garden plot, wants to grow shoots of healthy and strong seedlings in the spring. And if you have for some reason, despite all the tricks (even if you did everything according to technology: and seeds hardened, and the soil was prepared fertile, and the plants were fed, etc.) the seedlings annually turned out to be weak and almost did not survive transplanting into the ground, so it’s time to turn to folk magic, which our ancestors used for centuries.

In addition to all the agrotechnical requirements for growing seedlings, it is still necessary to actively use special plots for a good harvest. Science has long proved that plants, among other things, respond energetically to sounds. For example, they grow better if classical music is playing in the house (by the way, you can adopt and play the immortal works of Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, etc.) and Vice versa, they begin to fade when you turn on heavy rock.

Words spoken aloud by us also have a special sound resonance, which is somehow perceived by plants (also proved by scientists: evil words led plants to “horror”, and good ones-a beneficial effect on their growth). Therefore, all magic spells read when caring for seedlings will have a positive response from her.

Plots for seedlings

Take the seeds and say the following words before you put them in the box with the earth:

“Mother earth, accept the fertile seed, strengthen its strength, help it grow and gain strength.”

After the seeds have hatched and the first leaves have appeared, you need to turn to the sun:

“The sun is tender, warm the tender leaves, give them strength, strengthen my seedling”

During each watering, you must ask for water:

“Water-water, give all honest people and my seedlings a drink.”

And when you plant seedlings in the ground say the following:

“Forces of the earth, forces of heaven, send me a rich harvest, for everyone to surprise, for me to look at.”

You will be surprised when instead of the usual frail bushes on your windowsill will grow healthy seedlings! And the harvest will also be excellent for envy (in a good sense of the word) neighbors!

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