Basic rules for tying magic knots for ailments

Tying magic knotsThere are various ways to cure ailments with the help of ancient folk remedies. One of these ancient rites is tying the so-called magic knots. There are several basic rules that determine the correct tying of magic knots. If they are strictly observed, the disease will leave you for a long time or even disappear forever.

Proper tying of magic knots

The first rule is that the disease that you want to get rid of must necessarily be one. That is, magic knots will not save you from a whole bunch of ailments. And if after a while you try to “tie” some other disease, then most likely you will not succeed.

The second rule is that the thread on which you will tie the knots must be woolen and red. First, wool very well takes away all the accumulated negative in you, well, the red color of this negative attracts, sucks so to speak – this is, secondly.

The third rule is that you need to knit knots all alone, so that no one from the household is around (excluding Pets, of course – they will not interfere).

And finally, the fourth rule – it is best to perform this rite on the waning moon. At this time, the rite becomes most powerful.

When performing the rite, it will be enough to say the following spoken words:

“I say goodbye to my illness, thank you, but I don’t take it into my new life. Good-bye, illness, go away, so that I can no longer be tired.”

At the moment of uttering these cherished words, you need to tie knots on a red woolen thread. There should be at least three nodules. So try to stretch the words so that you have time to tie three knots when reading the plot.

It is also very important at this moment to think about your illness – what exactly you would like to get rid of. If you find it difficult to do all this at the same time, then first think about your illness, and then start tying magic knots. Health to you and all the best!

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