Are there devils in man? Who is the guardian angel? Location of icons in the house

DevilsYou have probably heard the expression that a person is “possessed by devils”more than once. But how real is it? Do dark forces really exist and can live inside us? The eternal confrontation between light and dark actually exists for real.


Demons can influence a person, guide them, and push them to commit terrible acts. They say that when demons are inside, a person does not belong to himself. His mind becomes clouded, his consciousness changes, and over time even his body stops listening. It completely falls into someone else’s power.

However, there are not so many people in whose souls demons are rampaging. A weak-willed person will let anything into his heart, a person with a will will fight. It is important how strong the faith in the Lord God is. After all, the devils are afraid of it, they avoid it.

How to understand that a person is influenced by demons? He suddenly does something that he did not expect from himself, does bad things and says bad words, feels that he loses internal control. It is very important to turn to the Church at such times. To pray fervently, to speak with the priest, to attend service.

In some cases, demons completely take over the soul of a person. Such people are called “possessed”. There are priests who make special prayers after which demons come out of a person. He may start screaming, squirming, acting like a sick person. And then, when nothing bad remains inside, the person calms down, and then you can say that his soul has been cleansed.

Guardian angel

Demons are opposed by guardian angels. A guardian angel is a messenger of God. This is a disembodied entity that cannot be seen. It is believed that an angel comes to a person after baptism and follows him throughout his earthly existence. When it ends, the angel accompanies the person to a new, eternal life.

When can I contact my guardian angel? Always! He is an advocate, ally, and helper. Of course, he will never directly tell you what to do in a particular situation. But be sure to give a sign, indicate and tell you where to turn to get on the right path.

If a person commits unseemly acts, the angel cries, but continues to love him. It is believed that he can leave a person, but only if he finally turns away from God.

The guardian angel can and should be prayed to and remembered in daily prayer to all the saints. Be sure to thank him, because his contribution to the spiritual life is very important, even if not always noticeable. There is a special day-November 21-the day of the angel.

Where to put icons?

Previously, the red corner was in every dwelling, every hut. It was a special place: people prayed here, put up candles, and came with their needs and gratitude. In modern apartments, this is often forgotten, but in vain.

Icons can be placed in any room except the restroom and bathroom. It is desirable that the icons are not adjacent to any equipment – computer, TV. A person who prays should not be distracted by extraneous things. It is important that the faces of saints stand apart from any photos, paintings, statuettes and other secular attributes. In a word, it should be a separate place. You can place them on a shelf or on a table.

As for the icons that should be in the red corner, they are placed at their own discretion. Only the faces of Jesus Christ and the mother of God, which should stand above the others, are considered mandatory. The Savior is on the right, the mother of God is on the left. Below are icons of saints revered in the family.

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