What are the obligatory prayers to know by heart?

obligatory prayerEvery believer has a prayer book that they use to pray. And this is very good. But still sometimes the question arises: what if there are some obligatory prayers that you need to know by heart? The most important thing is that a person should pray. Does he read prayers from a book, learn by heart, or even offer up his requests and thanks to God
in your own words, it doesn’t matter. Therefore, the so-called “obligatory” prayers simply do not exist.

Obligatory prayer

Another thing is that there are the most common prayers among parishioners, which for most believers have long been familiar and, therefore, due to frequent repetition – learned by heart. If a person regularly goes to Church and stands at services, then he probably knows them well. First of all, these are such prayers as” our father”,” hail Mary, hail Mary”,”the Symbol of faith”.

Before any important undertakings, if you do not know any special prayers, it will be enough to say: “Lord, bless”. And everything will work out for you – the Lord will be with you and help you in your business and relationships with other people.

Do you honor certain saints and often pray to them? Then it would be a good idea to learn some of the prayers addressed to them. It is not necessary to know all the prayers by heart – just two or three are enough.

Now in many churches, next to the icons, you can see the texts of prayers to a particular Saint whose face is depicted. There is nothing wrong with praying near the icon after reading a prayer on a sheet on the stand. If a person has a bad memory, he can go to Church with a prayer book and repeat the words of prayers after the priest.

But I would like to repeat once again: if you have a sincere faith in our Lord in your soul, then any prayer – even if uttered in your own words, but from a pure heart – will reach its destination.

God bless you!

Important Church dates in November

November 3-Dmitrievsky parents ‘ Saturday. It is held daily before the day of memory of Demetrius of Thessalonica. On this day, it is customary to visit the graves of relatives and pray for them in the Church.

November 4-Kazan icon of the mother of God. Before the icon, they ask for finding their way in life and for peaceful resolution of conflicts.

November 8-day of memory of the great Martyr Demetrius of Thessalonica. The Saint helps to ease the burden of military service.

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