We give pain to the earth, healing the knees. How to get rid of vertigo

KneesMany people who lead a sedentary lifestyle often suffer from various sores. If you have worked all your life, sitting at the accounting Desk or driving a “wheel”, then you have a high risk of knee disease. The knees ache both sitting and lying down, and after a state of rest, the first steps
they are given with great difficulty until the legs “do not part”. At night, you regularly Wake up, because turning from side to side also prevents the pain in your knees. Doctors usually in such cases write off everything on age and prescribe various hormonal ointments. But they do not save for long, and it is not recommended to use such ointments too often.

How to heal your knees

Folk magic has long come up with a cure for such pains in various parts of the body. To, for example, get rid of pain in the knees, you need to sit on them on the freshly plowed ground, cross yourself three times and say the following words-prayers:

“In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy spirit. Amen. The earth is loose, soft, I stand on you, I pray for relief from pain. Share your strength with me, reward me with your fortitude. Take my pain as a grain, and in return give me health as a fruit. Amen. Amen. Amen.”

In the evening, pour a Cup of warm water and wash your knees with it, saying three times for each:

“Mother, Holy Mother Of God! Take care of me the way you take care of trees and grass. Make your knees stop hurting and bend like a young woman’s. Give me back my old ease. Amen. Amen. Amen.”

Do this every day for a month. Of course, you will not run like an athlete, but you will get rid of the pain in your knees.

In General, do not underestimate the power of prayer and folk medicine. Especially in times when official doctors are often illiterate, and the entire pharmaceutical industry is aimed only at extracting benefits, and a variety of medicines are often empty or even harmful.

These lines, of course, do not call for the complete abandonment of medical services, but are only intended to draw attention to alternative treatment methods that can be combined with professional advice from doctors.

Getting rid of vertigo

For example, if you throw your head back and suffer from vertigo, the doctor will probably diagnose you with osteochondrosis, which worsens the cerebral circulation (which is why vertigo is associated). He will advise you to massage the collar zone (if the disease is not started) – at least 10-15 sessions. In addition, until the cause is neutralized, it is desirable not to turn your neck unnecessarily and not to throw your head up.

Combine your doctor’s advice with traditional medicine. Very well helps infusion of the root and herb gentian – 2 tbsp. l., 1 Cup of steep boiling water. Drink half a glass 3 times a day, reciting a prayer to Panteleimon the Healer (you can find it in the prayer book) for at least 10 days per course. Be healthy and happy!

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