The number of God in the human DNA. Proof of God’s existence

God's NumberThe number of God-the Name of God-the DNA of man… what is the relationship? This article presents the irrefutable facts of the existence of God, after which to deny his existence will be a manifestation of stupid stubbornness and stupidity. What you read here can change your life forever, your views on the world, and perhaps revive a deeply buried conscience.
You will learn that there is reliable evidence of the existence of God, presented on a scientific basis.

Many of you, one way or another, have heard of the Fibonacci number (f=1.61), which is also called the “number of God”. Everything alive and inanimate in one way or another has a direct relation to this number. The structure of the snail shell, the proportions of the human body, the growth of sunflower seeds, the structure of the honeycomb, the bizarre patterns of flowers, plants, trees, and the spiral shape of the Galaxy-all these proportions and dimensions come from the Fibonacci number.

A person also uses this number quite energetically in their daily activities. For example, in architecture and painting. But a person applying in their life something complex, learned from nature, rarely thinks about the causes of this. We are used to constantly blaming everything on chance or a whim of evolution. But is this really the case? What is this mysterious Fibonacci number? And what exactly does it have to do with God?

The number of God in human DNA

As it turned out, the most direct. To understand this, we first need to go deep into the bowels of our body, into the heart of the cell – DNA.

It’s no secret that DNA is a tightly twisted double helix (A, T, C, G). This is the code on which our entire life is programmed, starting from the external structure of the body, the color of eyes, hair, and ending with the character, taste, and preferences. Inside us is a huge library, the existence of which suggests some powerful intelligence that wrote this amazing code of life.

When you go into a cave and find ancient drawings, hieroglyphic inscriptions, you will never allow even the thought that they appeared there by themselves by some accident. Any information (even the simplest in the form of rock inscriptions) is nothing more than the result of the activity of the intellect. Especially if it is not two or three clumsy signs, but a huge amount of information the size of the Russian state library. And all this incredible amount of information is contained in just one tiny cell, of which there are a hundred and twenty trillion in our body!

In addition to the four molecular letters that make up the DNA code, there are bridges of amino acids between the two parts of the helix that connect the opposite sides of the helix. Without these” fasteners”, DNA can simply fall apart (explode) and life will become impossible. A huge number of diseases occur precisely from the explosion of the cell.

Fastening structure of DNA is approximately as follows: 10 amino acids there is a bridge, the next bridge is located 5 amino acids, the following 6 amino acids and then again after 5 amino acids. And this combination of numbers-10, 5, 6, 5-is the bridge that gives life to the cell.

But still, what does the Fibonacci number have to do with this? It’s all about the distance at which these bridges are located.

The name of God is among them

Let’s turn to the primary source of Christianity – the Bible. The first five books of the Bible were written in Hebrew. The Hebrew alphabet differs in the numerical value of each letter. Each letter of their alphabet represents a certain number.

If you take the numerical value of the DNA bridges (10, 5, 6, 5) and change them to Hebrew letters that correspond to these numbers, you will get a word meaning the main Name of God. It turns out that God himself “signed” inside the person, like an artist under his masterpiece.

Now let’s go back to the Golden spiral and build a Fibonacci sequence: 0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 144. Then, by simple mathematical calculations, we get a certain “Golden proportion” – the aspect ratio in percentage equivalent: 62%/38%. It is based on this ratio that the parts of the human body are constructed.

The Fibonacci number can be obtained by dividing these percentages by each other. It turns out 1.61. The same goes for the Fibonacci series if you divide the next number by the previous one:






The Fibonacci number is a force number. For example, architects who build large buildings calculate their proportions based on the Fibonacci Golden ratio. These proportions give a full guarantee for the greatest stability and strength of the constructed structure.

Now let’s go back to the name of God and the number 10, 5, 6, 5 behind it. if we show it as a natural number-10565 and apply it based on the principle of the Golden aspect ratio (62%/38%), and then divide it into two numbers 105 and 65, and then divide 105 by 65, then we get all the same number – 1.61.

This is simply amazing! In the name of God is encoded the number of power, the number of Fibonacci, the number of God, which in turn is embedded in the human DNA! Some might say that this is just a coincidence again, but… don’t jump to conclusions.

Every book or movie has a Central climax. The Bible also has its own climax – the death of the son of God Jesus Christ on the cross. In General, the whole point of the Bible, if you put it in a nutshell, is that God came down to Earth and gave his life for humanity, thereby redeeming it before its own law, which condemns us to certain death.

The law of God can not be canceled, can not be changed because it says so: sin is death. And who among us has not sinned? And in order to circumvent the law, in order to save people, the legislator himself had to die. And Jesus Christ came and died in our place. And at this time, faith in Christ and in the sacrifice of God, sincere repentance for our sins, of course, frees us from them, and, consequently, from death. Here is a simple rule. There is no other God in the world who would accept death for a creation that has rebelled against him!

Does the number of God have anything to do with Christ?

If from one Central point to draw four lines on the cardinal directions equal to the given numbers (10, 5, 6, 5), then a cross will appear. Moreover, if you add the resulting segments 5+5=10 and 10+6=16, and then divide 16 by ten, you will get all the same number – 1.6.

And again, according to particularly stubborn skeptics, this will look like a pure coincidence. Then let’s look at a few more interesting facts.

The Bible (Genesis 6:15) describes the size of the ark that Noah built before the Flood. These dimensions were given to him by the Lord himself: 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide, and 30 cubits high.

According to scientists, this is the perfect size ratio for the greatest strength and buoyancy of the ship.

So, the number of God: 10, 5, 6, 5. And if you do simple mathematical calculations, then the size of the ark comes out of this number.




As you can see, the ideal dimensions of the unsinkable ark are again written in the number of God. The Bible in General abounds in Golden proportions. Take the same ark. If you divide 50 by 30, you get 1.6.

The ark of the Covenant, which was the repository of the tablets with the 10 commandments, was 2.5 cubits wide and 1.5 cubits high. Divide 2.5 by 1.5 and get 1.6 again.

The altar of burnt offering (the copper Cup of the Ambon) was 5 cubits long and wide, and 3 cubits high… 5/3=1,6.

These are just a few examples, but there are many in the Bible.

If the Bible, as some people claim, is just a collection of legends, myths, and fairy tales, then why put Golden proportions in it? After all, they were officially discovered only 1300 years after the date of writing the Bible.

At the moment, more than 90% of the biblical prophecies have come true exactly, as proven by science. Will the remaining ten percent not be fulfilled if 90% came true?

By the way, the last part of the prophecies concerns the unification of secular and religious power, the symbiosis of which will enslave the entire world. This role is claimed in the modern world by at least two powerful forces: NATO with its behind-the-scenes leaders seeking to establish a unified world order and an Islamic state that wants the same. Their Union will lead to the end of the world.

God offers us shelter in his ark, in his son Jesus Christ. Stop calming your conscience by relying on the theory of evolution, which was also disproved by the same scientists a long time ago. And the Judgment of God will be!

Like it or not, there is a God! And it’s never too late to look for it! Although there are some difficulties. There are, just imagine, about 40,000 Christian denominations in the world! But God is one and Truth is also one… so who should we believe?

God, by and large, does not care at all what a person has imagined for himself. There is only one truth, one truth that the Christian Bible is the bearer of. This is the word of God. The Bible has all the answers to all the questions. It is consistent with all historical and scientific data known to date… except the theory of evolution, of course.

Isn’t it time to think about it? Find God in yourself!


The article is based on the video ” the Number of God. The irrefutable proof of God”

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