Simple fortune-telling on numbers. Look into your future

divination by numbersIn order to find out your immediate future, it is not necessary to be able to guess on cards. You can just turn to the numbers. This simple method of guessing numbers will help you determine your future life path. Guided by the hints, you will be able to take concrete and correct steps that will determine your future fate.

How to guess the numbers

Cut out nine small cards from paper or cardboard and write the numbers from one to nine inclusive on them. Put them… let’s say in a headdress. Formulate for yourself the most exciting question for you at the moment. Focus all your attention on this issue and pull out the card with the number from the headdress. This will be the answer to the question you asked.


  1. What you are thinking about is not just a real situation, but it will happen soon and will radically change your life today for the better.
  2. You yourself do not know for sure whether you want or not to make your plans come true. Life can put you in front of a difficult choice. It is better to take a pause before the final decision to weigh all the pros and cons.
  3. What you have in mind in the near future is unlikely to come true. But mostly because internally you are definitely not ready for this. Emotional unrest and uncertainty prevent you from achieving your goal.
  4. If you want to know if a certain situation will normalize in the near future, the answer is yes. But if we mean the further development of any events (for example, “will they raise my salary or not?”, “will he make me an offer?”), then the four assumes a postponement or stagnation.
  5. We need to hope for the best, but at the same time prepare for the worst. Financial losses, disruptions of plans, quarrels with family and friends are possible. It is not necessary to take any concrete steps during this period of time, especially if you are in emotional excitement.
  6. Your efforts will be rewarded, especially when it comes to work. Be prepared for unexpected, but rather pleasant news.
  7. Not everything can turn out the way you wanted it to and your success will be only partial. But soon you will still get a chance to fix the situation for the better.
  8. You will not keep up with the rapidly developing events, but such a “race” will be an invaluable experience for you.
  9. The case that you have started is nearing its final stage. But what the final result will be depends entirely on your inner mood.

divination by numbers

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