Folk recipes for skin care. Charms for beauty and youth

Folk recipes for skinThe cosmetic industry is so developed that sometimes you are surprised by the variety of different ointments and creams. And each brand praises its products, assuring that they are the best in the world and makes truly wonderful transformations, rejuvenating and smoothing the skin of a person almost instantly. Believe it or not cosmetic advertising is a purely individual matter. Folk magic also offers its own folk recipes for skin care, which we will now talk about.

Wonderful water for cleaning the skin of the face!

If red spots constantly appear on your face, neck, and decollete area, then you need to first conduct a gastrointestinal examination, since spots on the skin can appear as a result of various diseases.

Then you need to apply folk recipes and first take a healing bath: pour boiling water 200 g of marjoram, let it infuse, add to the bath with a water temperature of no more than 38 degrees. Lying in the water, read the following plot-prayer:

“As the Lord cast out Adam and eve from Paradise, so I would have driven all the spots and pimples from my body and given them to the healing water. Don’t look for them on my body. Water, do not disdain, take away spots and pimples, give my body to me clean. Amen.”

This rite should be performed on the waning moon on the so-called women’s days (Wednesday, Friday and Saturday).

How to make a homemade cream for rejuvenating the skin of the face

If you want to look youthful even in old age, then you will be helped by a special anti-aging cream that you can prepare with your own hands.

Take 20 ml of cognac, 100 ml of cream with a fat content of 30%, 1 tbsp., not candied honey, 1 tsp., lemon juice and egg yolk (chicken egg). Mix everything, apply to the face, and after an hour wash off what is not absorbed into the skin. When you will smear your face with cream, read the plot:

“I look, I will not look at the servant of God (name), let his face be pure and white, smooth brow, clear eyes, and beautiful himself!”

After such a home cosmetic treatment, you will immediately notice how much fresher your skin will become. Do this mask twice a week, and visual youth will return to you.

Folk recipes: berry mask for winter skin care

Another healing mask can help those people who in the cold season begins to peel off the face, and there are “extra” wrinkles. Restore and protect the skin will help berry mask, which is better to do on the full moon. To do this, you need to buy fresh (if there are no fresh – use frozen) berries: strawberries, raspberries or strawberries. At the same time, when you go home, do not forget to mentally or whisper to say:

“Yagoda is a beauty, everyone likes your beauty. I’ll bring it home and carry it over to myself.”

When you come home, immediately start making the mask. Take a handful of fresh berries and crush them with a spoon… it is better to use a silver one (pre-thaw frozen berries at room temperature). Now you need to fill the berries with boiled water (cooled) so that a thick mush is formed. Let this mixture stand for about 1.5-2 hours, and then apply it to your face, saying the following words:

“The frost will not wash me, the wind will not dry me, the rain will not take away my strength. I will be blushing all year round, like a berry in a clearing.”

After 25-30 minutes, you should wash off this mask with boiled water and apply some moisturizer on your face.

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